Online Music Production

Serious audio tweaking with London music producer J Chown

Online Music Production

Working as an online music producer has opened many doors to further music creation with artists, no matter where they are located.

With lossless quality that has the audio directly streaming from the studio alongside a webcam, we are able to make this possible, as if we are in the same room together during production.

Online Music Production Services

  • Songwriting
  • Musicianship
  • Vocal production
  • Mixing
  • Mastering


What makes outstanding online music production sessions?

Doing online music production offers a direct audio feed to clients and back within a millesecond. We use the best software to make it possible which includes the AudioMovers plugin so that our artists can listen in from our mixing desk.

Whatever we do in the studio can now be heard at 100% sound quality live from us to our artists. We additionally communicate via zoom during the process, where the studio computer screen can also be viewed.

Our clients can play a roll in the production process and guide the session where necessary.

Your online performances will be guided by a music producer, section by section to gain the ultimate results in the song. Vocal production includes melody, harmonies and technique.

Online Music Production Musicianship

A professional musician will be working with you during the production process. Via online streaming guidance can be given eitherway, resulting in perfection as if in the same room.

Online Music Production Innovation

These include:

  • Writing memorable melodies
  • Dynamic chord progressions that move with the lyrical content
  • Reflective vocal performances and guidance
  • Vocal harmony arrangements
  • Instrumentation performances that work with the song content
  • Sound design to reflect the genre and mood of the song
  • A mix that reflects the style, mood and artist dynamics
  • Introducing new music and sound elements to keep the listeners' interested throughout.
joules london recording studio in session

Online Music Production Musicianship

An extensive background in music analysis, harmony and improvisation is an important roll in what happens behind the scene at Joules Productions London recording studio.

You will work with a professional music producer that pushes boundaries through vast knowledge to make lyrics and melodies really shine for success.

Studio Song-writing
Studio Musicianship

Studio Musicianship

The recording studio includes dozens of acoustic, amplified and synth instruments. These include guitars such as a Japanese '91 Telecaster and 1972 Gibson S1. Keyboards such as a 1976 Fender Rhodes MK1 Piano, 1971 Wurlitzer 200a, Steinway P Vertegrand, a Sequential Circuits Prophet 6, 1979 Jen SX1000 synth and a 1986 Ensoniq SQ80. There are also the Arturia V7 Collection, Korg Legacy, M1, MS20, Polysix, Monopoly and Legacy.

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