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Craft Hit Music in Our State-of-the-Art Studio

Searching for a London recording studio that brings musical ideas to life? Look no further than Julian Chown's Music Studio, Joules Productions.

The studio is conveniently located in Chelsea, West London, and has been in the business for over 25 years - resulting in various hits, and helping recording artists achieve their goals in making music shine out amongst the crowd.

London Music Producer, Julian offers a bespoke recording studio with services that unlock every music recording to its full potential.

State-of-the-Art London Recording Studio

  • Audio Perfection: From vintage microphones to award-winning monitors, our recording studio boasts top-of-the-line recording equipment, and instruments, ensuring pristine audio quality.
  • Unleash Your Vision: Whether you're an independent artist or signed to a label, Julian collaborates closely to realise your unique sound.
  • London Convenience: Located in the heart of Chelsea, the studio offers a vibrant and easily accessible recording experience.
  • 25+ Years of Expertise: Julian's extensive experience in London's top recording studios including Air, Bunk Junk and Genius and Raezor, guarantees professional guidance and exceptional results.
  • Bespoke Services: From music production and mixing to directing vocals, and songwriting, I cater to your specific needs (See also: Music Mixing, and Vocal Production).
studio for music
studio for music

Julian's Music Studio is the ideal place for creativity to flourish.

Explore Legendary Equipment in our London Recording Studio:

At our London recording studio we pride ourselves on providing creative recordings, music production and mixing. With a range of vintage studio microphones, instruments, hardware, software, and new and old school knowhow, we have everything you need to produce radio-ready, Spotify & iTunes tracks, ready for the market from our studio in London.

  • -1927 Steinway K piano (similar to the one at Abbey Road studios, which was used in London recording sessions such as "Lady Madonna" and "Penny Lane" by The Beatles).
  • -1975 Fender Rhodes Mk1 (Climax Blues Band) with a Retro Flyer modification (while there are many digital versions available, this one is the real deal).
  • -1980 Wurlitzer 200a electric piano.
  • -Ensoniq SQ80 (as used by Adamski, where he used many of the presets on Seal's track called "Killer")
  • -Sequential Circuits Prophet 6 (heard everywhere and a Prophet 5 on steroids!)
  • -Jen SX1000 (contains an SH101 filter - as used by The Prodigy and Depeche Mode)
  • -Korg Triton (heard all over Neptunes tracks)
  • -A tasteful Fender Telecaster guitar (the renowned 1991 Japanese version)
  • -1971 Gibson S1 guitar experimental version
recording studio - monitoring
1975 Fender Rhodes MK1 piano in Chelsea recording studio | Warm Vintage Tones | Keyboard Close-up

Studio Instruments

Our recording studio has an inspiring collection of vintage and modern musical instruments (some of which date as far back as the 1920s) which are ready to use.

These are regularly serviced, sound incredible, and give recordings quality at their highest level.


Explore our full range of equipment at our dedicated gear page.


"Julian's expertise and passion pushed my music to a whole new level. His studio facilities and knowhow are professional and inspiring, and the vintage gear's incredible."

Martin Smith, Singer-Songwriter

"As a label, we trust Julian with our artists' recordings and production. Julian consistently delivers exceptional results and understands our artist's vision."

Michael Harold, Fargain Music

komplete ultimate

Explore Our Services

Joules Productions offers a wide range of services to meet your music production needs, including:

Music Production
From concept development to final mastering, we'll guide you through the entire music production process.

We'll transform your separate tracks into a cohesive and polished song.

Vocal Production
We'll help you capture your best vocal performances and make them shine.

We'll add the final polish to your music, ensuring it sounds professional and ready for release.

Online Recording Studio
Work with us remotely and receive high-quality recordings.

Music with Children
We specialise in creating music with young people, which enables them to express creativiity.

Our Team

Meet the talented team behind Joules Productions:

Julian Chown (Producer/ Mixer/ Musician) - Chelsea

Charles Reeves - (Mixer, Composer) - Islington

Hear Our Work

Experience the quality of our work for yourself. Check out our Music Examples.

Ready to unlock your full sonic potential in our recording studio?

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