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Are you looking to do some studio recording in London that will bring your music ideas and vision to life? My services include recording studio facilities that you can use which are owned and operated by Producer, mixer, and musician, Julian Chown.

State-of-the-Art Music Studio

With over 25+ years of experience working in top recording studios across the capital, Julian offers a range of recording services from his London recording studio.

Recording services available include music production, songwriting, mixing, vocal production and recording.

Furthermore, to help songwriters achieve a perfect sound for their music, facilities include professional knowhow and state-of-the-art equipment.

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Julian's recording services and environment are the ideal combination for creativity to flourish.

Bespoke Recording Studio Services

Julian understands that every recording artist has a unique style. So, he works closely with them to ensure their music vision is realised to full potential, whether the artist is independant or representing a label.

Recording Studio - Equipment

recording studio - monitoring

Experience Pro-Quality Production at our Music Studio

At our recording studio, we pride ourselves on providing a creative environment for inspired recordings, music production and mixing.

With a range of vintage studio microphones, mixing hardware and software, and old school and modern knowhow, we have everything you need to produce ideal radio-ready, Spotify / iTunes music tracks ready for the market.

Our Studio Instruments

Our London music studio has an inspiring collection of vintage and modern musical instruments (some of which date as far back as the 1950s) that are ready to use.

These are regularly serviced and sound incredible. Furthermore, these lend recordings an authentic quality for recording artists studio recordings.

Recording studio live instruments in our london studio

Here is a selected list of rare music studio instruments we have:

  • -1927 Steinway K piano (similar to the one at Abbey Road studios, which was used in London recording sessions such as "Lady Madonna" and "Penny Lane" by The Beatles).
  • -1975 Fender Rhodes Mk1 with a Retro Flyer modification (while there are many digital versions available, this one is the real deal and amazing when listening and playing it - full of inspiration).
  • -1971 Wurlitzer 200a electric piano (as heard on "Dreamer").
  • -Ensoniq SQ80 (as used by Adamski, where he used many of the presets on Seal's track called "Killer")
  • -Sequential Circuits Prophet 6 (heard everywhere and a Prophet 5 on steroids!)
  • -Jen SX1000 (contains an SH101 filter - as used by The Prodigy and Depeche Mode)
  • -Korg Triton (heard all over Neptunes tracks)
  • -A tasteful Fender Telecaster guitar (the renowned 1991 Japanese version)
  • -1971 Gibson S1 guitar experimental version

Exceptional recording studio Monitors and Top-of-the-Line DA Converters


Our recording studio is equipped with an impressive array of award-winning monitors, including the renowned Neumann KH310's, Yamaha NS10M's, Aratones, and KEF 104AB's. These monitors provide exceptional and sophisticated audio quality in the recording studio that are true and inspiring.

In addition, our studio boasts the top-of-the-line DAC, known for their outstanding tonal quality. We take pride in utilising the best equipment to ensure your sound reaches its full potential.

Unlock Your Musical Vision

Moreover, Julian understands that every recording artist has different needs and preferences, which is why he communicates to ensure that you get the sound that you want.

As a top London recording studio, we understand how to combine styles to create a recording artist's unique style and vision. We are passionate about bringing your musical ideas to life.

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Joules Productions Recording Studio - Equipment list

Computer System

  • (Super-fast) Ryzen9 3950x
  • Corsair 32GB 3800MHz RAM


  • RME ADI2- Pro FSR
  • RME FF800
  • Neumann KH310
  • Yamaha NS10M
  • B&W 875
  • Auratones
  • TC Electronics Clarity


  • Cubase 12 pro
  • FL Studio

Analog outboard

  • Midiman 8x8s
  • Steinberg CC121
  • Neve 1073 Pre
  • Teletronix LA2A
  • BBE Sonic Maximizer
  • Lexicon MPX100
  • DBX 266XL
  • Tascam DA20 mk2


  • C12 custom-built 1950s tube Cinemag
  • Beesneez - Arabella U47
  • Beezneez - Mahalia U67
  • Rode NT2 with U49/U67 capsule (FET)
  • Neumann U87
  • Shure SM58 & SM7B
  • ADK SC1

Real Instruments

    • Rhodes 73 mk1
    • Wurlitzer 200a
    • Sequential Prophet 6
    • Jen SX1000 MIDI'd
    • Ensoniq SQ80
    • Moog Sub37
    • Yamaha CP5
    • Korg Triton
    • Akai MPX Mini
    • E-MU e6400
    • Akai S3000XL
    • Boss Dr Rhythm


    • Gibson S1 1971
    • Fender Squire Telecaster Japanese 1991
    • 1970s Nylon Acoustic
    • AXL Deluxe Bass (Humbucker)
    • Crybaby 535Q Wah
    • Boss pedals
    • Theremin

Instruments/ Plugins

  • Berlin Strings
  • Spitfire Audio - BBC Symphony Orchestra Pro
  • Spectrasonics - Omnisphere, Trillion, Stylus
  • Korg - MS20, Polysix, M1, Wavestation, Monopoly
  • Xfer - Serum
  • Adam Szabo JP6K
  • Arturia- V8 x30 Synths
  • NI - Komplete Ultimate
  • Fabfilter - All
  • Sylenth


  • Singing bowl
  • Tambourines
  • Shakers
  • Cuban Scraper
  • African Rain Stick
  • Djembe
  • .. and beyond plenty of other off the wall (literally) instruments


  • Brainworks - SSL, Cleansweep, Rockrack, TownHouse, SubFilter
  • Taip
  • Magic AB
  • IK Multimedia ARC 3, Amplitube 5
  • XFer - LFO Tool
  • Arturia - Preamps, Filters, Compressors
  • FabFilter - All
  • Sound Toys - All
  • Acustica
  • Antares - EFX+
  • Softube - Tape
  • Slate Digital - VMR, VCC, VBC, SSD3
  • Waves - API, X-Noise, Vocal Rider, SSL G-Channel, One Knob Series, Renaissance Maxx, NLS Non-Linear Summer, L1, L2, C4, C6, CLA-2A Compressor / Limiter, Aphex Vintage Aural Exciter, Abbey Road Reverb Plates
  • Valhalla - Plates, Delay, Shimmer, FreqEcho, Space Modulata, Vintageverb
  • Izotope - Vinyl, Iris, Stutter2, VocalSynth 2, Imager, Ozone, RX
  • Celemony - Melodyne 6 Studio
  • Syncro Arts - Vocalign Pro 4

Other Professional London Recording Studio Resources

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  • AIR Recording Studios - A legendary recording studio in London with a rich history of recording film scores, classical music, and popular music. It has multiple recording spaces, including the stunning Lyndhurst Hall.
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  • The Crypt Recording Studio - A boutique London recording studio located in Crouch End, with a warm and intimate vibe. It features a vintage Trident console and a collection of classic microphones.

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