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audio engineer in London
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Vocal Producer

Recorded and Mixed to Perfection

Joules Productions offers perfected vocal production which includes recordings, mixing, directing. We use specific microphones the many various vocal styles/sound, acoustic treatment, and vocal guidance.

In-house Vocal Producer, Julian Chown's goal is to bring a professional touch to your music, ensuring that it receives the quality it deserves while delivering exceptional audio that captivates the listeners.

Vocal Producer Services

  • Technical:
    • Vocal production (mixing) [link to a specific service page if available]
    • Manual tuning
    • Multi vocal alignment
    • Vocal editing & manipulation
  • Performance:
    • Melody development
    • Harmonies
    • Dynamics

Additional focus includes vocal producer arranging and editing to perfection.

If you are a singer, Vocal production changes everything. This includes professional guidance of harmonies and technique, vocal mixing and industry standard microphones.

Further enhancements are necessary for that vocal 'radio sound'. This is where perfect performances, ideal microphones, hardware and software are available at the highest level.

In modern production, outstanding vocals are the key to making the music stand out. Most importantly, all of the above needs to be applied with utmost care and skill - by experienced and trained ears

What is Vocal Production?

Vocal production is one of the most essential aspects of music creation today. It involves nurturing vocal performances and seamlessly integrating them into the music, ensuring they are polished and ready for release while optimizing their representation of the intended musical style.

We utilise award-winning mixing tools to achieve vocal perfection. These tools include Melodyne, Antares Auto-Tune, Synchro Arts Vocalign, Slate Digital, Acustica, Soundtoys, and the mighty Fabfilter. In addition, we incorporate analog tools such as Teletronix, DBX, and Neve to infuse warmth and dynamic range into the vocals.

vocal producer | top quality microphones | studio for vocal recording

1950s tube AKG C12/Neumann U87

Vocal Production - Tweaking

Our extensive range of microphones and classic preamps, renowned for their contributions to countless hits since the 1950s, ensure top-level production for serious vocal recordings.

In conjunction, we employ a variety of award-winning digital plugins for detailed tweaking, allowing us to tailor vocal recordings to match any intended music style with precision.

vocal production | vocal producer | vocal engineer | song mixer | mixing engineer | neve 1073
The amazing Neve 1073

Vocal Guidance

Our process begins with meticulously recorded vocal tracks, utilising a selection of high-quality microphones and tube preamps to capture the best possible sound for each unique voice.

We meticulously record multiple vocal takes to ensure the delivery of the best performances. The chosen vocal takes are meticulously selected to perfectly complement the track, with the ability to handpick lines for utmost precision.

To enhance the beauty and clarity of the vocals, we delicately apply dynamics, reverbs, delays, EQs, and exciters, ensuring that the vocals seamlessly integrate into the mix while retaining their distinct essence.

Image of premium gear and equipment

The Record Labels

From experience, major labels often tell artists not to waste their time by sending rough demos to them. To sum up, it is essential to get the sound right.

Vocal production - Harmonies

Vocal harmonies are often a vital part to bring a song to life. "Ooohs" and "Aahs" can often be "icing on the cake" and Julian's vocal producer piano arranging skills will make vocal harmonies a breeze to create.

Here are some examples.

Vocal Production - Useful Tools

For vocal tuning, there are several options available that are subtle to severe.

sound engineering | audio mixing | vocal mixing | Joules Productions recording studio London
Melodyne pitch editing

Melodyne is a manual tuning tool, which can both be subtle and severe.

auto-tune tune vocal producer
Autotune pitch editor

This automatically adds autotune to a track and can be extreme to ligh sounding

iZotope-Vocal Synth | vocal production

VocalSynth is used for robotic and a vocoder effect as heard often in electronic pop music

Mixing with the amazing Fabfilter Q3

Fabfilter Q3

Here is a favourite mixing plugin to shape the sound of a vocal tracks EQ. Compress or expand/reduce any frequency easily.

VocALignPro | vocal production

Syncroarts Vocalign is used to line up several vocals at once and sounds great

sound engineer mixing music

Compressors: FET76, VCA65, Tube STA

As well as having analogue HW, available are software plugins to warm up vocals to perfection in mixes

vocal producer | vocal production |mixing and mastering recording studio in london

Topline melody guidance

Knowing what makes a great top-line melody and accompanying harmonies is a must. We have invested years in discovering what works in well-known records.

Vocal recording session in Julian Chown's London studio

Performance Perfection

For a listener, vocals need to contain emotional dynamics. Additionally, memorable melodies and movement. Our specialist skills here will bring the music to perfection.

vocal producer | vocal production

Vintage mics & preamps

We use some of the world's best microphones that can be heard on countless hit records. We use tube C12 (1950s), Beeznees Arrabella (U47/49), Mahalia (U67), FET U67 & others.

Top Line development | vocal producer

Alignment & pitch shifting

Pitch correction can make a track modern because there is a sound in there. We first make sure that performance is emotionally connected, then humanly perfect tuning when necessary.

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