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Joules Productions Producer, Julian Chown is one of the UK's top vocal producers that brings unique quality to vocals by producing topline melodies, harmonies, dynamics and mixing/editing.

Julian has worked with 100's of vocalists over 20 years and successfully gaining Top20 Official charts, Films and Ads.

Vocal Mixing Tools

"I use award-winning software to gain perfection, which includes: Melodyne, Varied Audio, Antares Auto-TuneSynchro Arts Vocalign and Fabfilter. I also use analog outboard including an LA2a compressor and Neve 1073 for added warmth and dynamics."


Be sure to know that your vocals will be crafted to perfection for your song. 

We can offer any sound from natural-sounding (such as Adele, John Mayer, Ed Sheeran), commercial pop (Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, Camila Cabello, Selena Gomez) or heavily tuned (Post Malone, Drake, The Weeknd). 


There are three packages you can choose from.

- Lead Vocal Track Tuned

- Lead Vocal Track Tuned
- EQ
- Vocal Compression
- Vocal Ride (balancing the volume throughout the tack)

- Everything above
- Create one additional harmony track

Vocal Production

Vocal production is one of the most important parts of a professional song. A track has to sound close to perfect so that it is chosen for radio, media and labels these days.  He works carefully in making vocals musical (minus current autotune methods) keeping a singers tone real.

Vocal Tweaking & Recording

Sung and spoken vocal recordings tell a story, so need to be recorded with care. Joules Productions vocal-production recording equipment makes it time-saving with our specially chosen mics, mixing tools and expert vocal producer know-how.

Over the decades, Joules Productions has been delivering incredible sounding vocals. The reason for this is our way of approaching vocal performances, our selection of microphones, our soundproofed vocal-booth, and classic preamps. These have been heard on countless hit records since the 1950s, and are the best selection in top-end vocal recording studios.

Alongside beautiful analog equipment, we use digital plugins to tweak performances which combined, deliver the sound of the hits of today and yesteryear.

With the worlds greatest tube microphones, pre-amps and digital plugins, Joules Productions recording studios can boast perfection in vocal quality.

Record Labels

Major record companies have always said that it's best not to waste their time by sending rough demos, as so it is important to get the sound right. When a demo is often sent to a label A&R department, in most cases they cannot guess how a song will sound later. Only the best, completed songs are methods to capture the attention of a label, and can also help get the attention needed prior to attending label meetings to show commercial interest.

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Vocal Mixing

When mixing vocals, it is important to record the vocals properly; as this is where the quality begins.

We use several microphones and tube pre-amps at the same time on the first recordings so that we can learn as to which combination sounds best for the voice.

Once the mic has been decided on, we will then get started. We work by recording the vocal takes on several occasions until the best has been delivered. We then choose the vocal that works best for the track/song. With this, we can go as far as choosing this line by line.

For mixing, dynamics, reverbs, delays, EQs and exciters can then be applied carefully to bring the vocals forward onto the music mix.

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Topline Melody Guidance

Knowing what makes a great top-line melody and accompanying harmony is a must & we have invested theoretical years in understanding what works to make great records.

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Performance Perfection

For a listener to want to hear more music, the vocals need to contain emotional dynamic, melodies and harmonics. Together we will get you on track.

vocal producer | vocal production

Microphones & preamps

We use the world's greatest microphones that can be heard on countless hit records. Available are a C12, U47, U67 & others

Top Line development | vocal producer

Alignment & pitch correction

Pitch correction can be vital in bringing songs up to a professional sound. We firstly make sure that a performance is emotionally connected and then perfect the tuning where necessary.


Vocal harmonies can be vital in bringing dynamics to a song and can make the production connect throughout a song. "Ooohs" and "Aahhs" can be the icing on the cake, bringing songs to life in a big way.

With Julian's piano training, it makes vocal harmony arranging a breeze when creating. Also as an improviser, it allows an instant flow.

Here are some examples.

Without harmonies



With harmonies



Vocal production & tuning

Following an amazing vocal performance, there may be parts that need tweaks in tuning and timing. We can take care of the vocal performances' pitch throughout or with individual notes or parts of a song without sounding computerised (like Cher's "Do you believe"). Additional tools include vocal alignment for tracks, which is very quick and often a must use!

We can also provide extreme vocal autotuning when wanted, which often contains that all out 'auto-tune' sound heard often in rap, pop and dance music today.

Acapella examples

1 - Raw vocals

2 - Tuned

3 - Mixed & Aligned

4 - Automated

Vocal tuning examples

1 untuned

2 untuned

3 untuned

4 untuned

1 tuned

2 tuned

3 tuned

4 tuned

Vocal production tweaking tools

For vocal tuning there are several options which are from subtle to severe.

melodyne vocal producer pitch editing
Melodyne pitch editing

Melodyne is a manual tuning tool, which can both be subtle and severe from part to part.

auto-tune tune vocal producer
Autotune pitch editor

Cher and Akon used this auto tune effect in their songs, while Daft Punk often use the classic 'vocoder' effect

iZotope-Vocal Synth | vocal production

VocalSynth 1+2 are often used for robotic & vocoda effects as heard often in today's pop music

VocALignPro | vocal production

Syncroarts Vocalign is used to line up various vocals quickly and sounds great

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