Frequently Asked Questions

1. What makes your music production services unique?

At my studio, I bring clients' ideas to life with quality and respect for what they want. My experience and training in music performance, production, mixing, and songwriting gives me the chance to ask the right questions that then allows me to understand what is truly wanted in what I do.

Having done this for 30 years has gained me the creative background across genres, which has given me a chance to excel in combining 'old school' music with the modern styles of today. I enjoy experimentation and pushing creative boundaries between them!

The vibe in my studio is relaxed, creative, and engaging, which provides an ideal environment in collaboration and experimentation with a wide range of instruments.

2. Who are your ideal customers?

I work with everyone, from beginners to veterans (haha) that simply want their music bought to life, ready for selling. I am open to most music styles, but I particularly enjoy mixing and producing music of artists that can sing! I cater to the needs of clients who require necessary attention to detail, sensitivity, and dynamic sound.

Vocal directing is a must for many clients, and I specialise in this. Genres commonly worked on include pop, rock, R&B, electronic, and acoustic.

3. What are the key strengths of your studio?

With over 30 years of experience as a live performing musician, producer, and mixer, I bring the best of both worlds to my studio. As a professional musician and sound engineer, I can help clients bring their ideas to completion (though I know I already said that). I enjoy finding ideas viaimprovisation and have a strong understanding of written music due to my training. Additionally, my experience working with choirs as a pianist has given me a deep understanding of vocal dynamics. My studio is equipped with high-quality equipment to enhance creativity and perfect audio elements.

4. What is the essence of your studio in a few words?

My studio is the place to be for perfecting your music ideas. I specialize in bringing ideas to life and moving them forward for release. When you work with me, you can expect a dedicated and passionate approach to perfecting your music.

5. What positive memories do clients have after working with you?

Clients often express their delight in how I surpass their expectations and bring their music to new heights. Jamming and improving together frequently result in ideal completed music. Many clients have referred to me as a genius, which I deeply appreciate. I go all out to perfect what clients bring me, ensuring their satisfaction and musical success.

Aditional FAQ items:

What is a sound engineer/mixer?
Mixing and engineering is when several parts of a song are mixed together to create a professional sound. This process includes adding certain effects to each sound to bring it to life. For example, if a sound is too harsh, compression/limiting and eq’s can fix it, smoothing it off. Other effects include eq where we can add or subtract frequencies. Reverbs and delays are also great to add with the right instruments.
What does a Producer do?
A Producer is like a painter that applies colour and dimension to a sketch. The magic is in deciding a direction for a song and then which sounds to use
What are the costs?
Please visit our rates page for our daily rate which includes the studio and engineer.

We offer additional creativity such as music production, performance, arranging & songwriting, which we do not include in the studio payment – this is where an additional agreement comes into place. If we work on these areas we have the incentive to push our music with our friends at major publishing and label companies, which can then further our music artists’ careers. This is our area of dedication

Does the producer play instruments & can other musicians be provided?
Yes, we are musically trained both technically & with feeling in various instruments. We are also well-connected with incredible musicians who have also played with world-famous bands. Using external musicians is an additional cost.
Can you arrange the instrumentation?
Yes of course. Anything is possible, from a simple string to orchestral scores to electronic dirty grimy dance leads to laid-back atmospherics to grooving moving bass lines and funked-up Rhodes and clavinets.
How do I get what I want?
Prior to the session, we will have a conversation about the style for the artist, which will provide us with the recording, mixing and production techniques needed. We will also request 3 music references of released songs as a general direction and style. We often combine styles and experiment with our artist’s unique sound if it feels right. (btw, these references really help our artists focus on what they truly want, which saves on budget.)
Can you supply singers?
Yes we can. We usually work this out either before or during the session. We know unlimited session vocalists who can provide us with varied styles. Costs vary, depending on the name.
How long will it take?
Most songs take us between 2 – 4 days to produce, arrange, perform and mix for our clients. As each song is always different, some take longer than others and answering this question is like the question “How long is a piece of string?”. The more information you give us, the easier it is to answer. Go to our contact page and let us know exactly what you want to do.
Can I do it myself?
If you’d prefer to make the recordings yourself and have a decent audio interface and mic – such as the Focusrite Scarlett Solo, Scarlett 2i2 Studio, or AKG D5 S – simply send in your tracks, and we’ll clean up your vocals, add beats, and send you back fully mixed and mastered tracks that will impress your listeners and build a following on Spotify, SoundCloud, or BandCamp.
Online Recording Studio
If you are unable to make it to the studio to record your vocals, simply record them at home and send me your lossless audio files. I’ll mix and master your tracks via our online recording studio service, and add the magic of composition to unwrap your full creative potential, leaving you with a radio-ready mix that’s mastered to perfection.

Want to check on progress? We have a unique feature that allows you to listen in and collaborate on tracks while your music is being mixed and produced.

Relax and unwind
Our friendly, cosy and warn London recording studios to offer the perfect setting to kick back and unwind. Lounge on the sofas or grab a wholesome snack while you’re waiting for inspo to lay down tracks on your next hit song.
Do I need to bring anything?
Booking a session is easy. We provide all the instruments and studio equipment, plus a fresh supply of coffee and juice, so you only need to bring your creativity and imagination.
Take all the time you need
Genius doesn’t always happen on the first take. We’ll make that you are completely at ease, and confident with your vocals before they enter the production phase. Need edits? We offer full songwriting and artist support, so you can get the sound you need to create the impact you want.
Your studio. Your way
Booking a music studio when you only want to record vocals can be expensive. We’ll make sure you only pay for the services you use, so you’ll always get premium service at a rate that’s right for you.
Can I bring my band?
Sure, but you probably don’t need to. We have all sorts of studio equipment on hand, including keyboards, guitars and professional sequencers. We can also provide backing vocals, expert session support, beats and sequencing as standard.
End-to-end music production

Learning to mix radio-ready tracks takes years of experience – just like learning to play an instrument or sing.

Multiband compressors, limiters, and filters can cause the levels in your mix to peak and distort and make your music sound inaudible.

We’ll work with you on your songs, schedule studio time, line-up backing musicians, and organize pre-production rehearsals, so you can use your time to get the results you need for your budget you can afford.

Professional music composition
Creating a song from start to finish can be overwhelming. We’ll help you write your songs, refresh your lyrics, and add vocal harmonies, loops and beats to accompany your tracks to give your songs the sound direction you need.
Make your album debut
We offer affordable packages for larger projects, so whether you want to finally produce that one song you’ve been working on or release an album of 5 tracks or more, send me a message for a quote.
We get your sound
We collaborate with you as an artist to create the sound that’s right for you and produce studio quality tracks your audience will love. We have a one-of-a-kind collection of amazing vintage gear, that can be paired with the magic of digital technology to make your tracks sound the way you dreamed they would.
Will radio compress my sound?
Local radio stations can make songs sound over compressed and ruin the dynamics. We’re exceptional sound designers and can create radio edits that won’t over compress your vocal dynamics. Perfect for local radio and Spotify playlists.
Are there cheaper options?
Low cost studios don’t always offer high-quality equipment or professional recording support. This can lead to less than perfect results that waste your time and money.

We give every artist that uses our studio our full and undivided attention, so you’ll get superior quality audio and expert recording help, and the full support you need to find your unique sound as an artist. The results speak for themselves, plus you might be surprised just how little it actually costs.

Artist development
We understand your needs as a vocalist and can help you develop as an artist to create amazing tracks that make your voice sound perfect. We’ll help you define your goals and bring clarity to your artistic vision, making it effortless to create your dream tracks.
Why do I need to hire a producer if I'm just a small artist?

Recording studios aren’t just for chart-topping artists. We have years of experience in producing professional-sounding tracks even for smaller artists — perfect for professional-sounding demos tracks or your debut launch on Spotify.

We can assess your long-term goals as an artist and help you to create high-quality tracks that let people know you are serious about your sound.

You’ll walk away with a radio radio-ready track for local airplay, or that you can confidently use with a Spotify distribution service such as DistroKid or TuneCore.