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London recording studio | Artist Development | Music Producer

Bringing recording artists the sound they deserve in
Pop, Rock, R&B, EDM, Ballads - Music Production, Artist Development, Mixing & Mastering.
London Recording studio-online mixing and mastering-music producer-project studio-artist development
Bringing recording artists the sound they deserve in
Pop, Rock, R&B, EDM, Ballads - Music Production, Artist Development, Mixing & Mastering.

London recording studio & Music Producer

Welcome to Joules Productions London recording studio. We are a professional recording studio with a relaxed atmosphere, inspiring instruments and gear and established music-producer/sound engineer who molds music ideas ready for release.

Why our recording studio? "Inspiration fuels amazing songwriting and production". Our recording studio has some rare vintage instruments, recording equipment and a creative flowing environment. You will be working with an expert that delivers outstanding results.

Studio services: Artist development, music production, songwriting, vocal production, arranging, reputable musicianship, mixing and mastering.

London recording studio-Artist development-music production-online mixing and mastering

If you are not local, online mixing and mastering services can be provided.

Instruments: Over the years the studio was built around inspiring instruments to spark essential creativity for songwriting and production. Our instruments are ready to go within seconds during our London recording studio sessions. These instruments are a million times better than any digital versions out there and the real deal. These include a 1976 Fender Rhodes mk1 piano, 1975 Wurlitzer 200 piano, 1927 Steinway piano, a new Sequential Prophet 6, a 1987 Ensoniq SQ80, 1991 Telecaster gtr, 1971 Gibson S1, Spanish nylon string and an Axl 4 string bass.

If whomever we work with doesn't play an instrument that's fine. They will be working with a reputable musician that doubles up as a producer/mixer that brings the best of both worlds quickly and effortlessly.

Microphones: With over 27years freelancing in some of the world's best recording studios in London, we managed to source some ideal microphones for all vocal styles. These include various 1950s tube mics - Neumann U47, U67 and AKG C12 and a U47 FET version, which sounds in between a U47 and U67, which is handy.

We use vintage Neve hardware preamps alongside Teletronics limiters, mainly found in the finest recording studios worldwide.

  • Fender Rhodes mk1
  • Sequential Prophet 6
  • Wurlitzer 200
  • Gibson S1 - 1971
  • Moog Sub37
  • Steinway piano
  • Tube and FET Mics

The London Recording Studio

At the heart of Joules Productions London recording studio, owner Julian Chown is an established music professional that is passionate about making ideas come to life. This involves songwriting for styles intended, music production to blend songwriting ideas into a genre/new genres, detailed mixing and mastering to sensitively work production styles into place by matching current trends and completed production/mixing quality. Of course, we follow the guidelines of the current market, and proud quickly experiment beyond.

With creative experience stemming back over 2 decades, this has resulted in artists appearing on radio A-lists and Top20 charts.

Major publishing placements have included TV soundtracks, brands licensing and computer games.

Anything is possible.

Quality assured London recording studio

Technically the studio was inspired by the owners' analog days. Having worked at the finest London recording studios in the early 90s including "Bunk Junk and Genius", "Raezor Recording Studio" and "Air Recording Studio".

Inspired from these studios, Joules Productions recording studio in London recognises the necessity of combining both acoustic and digital instruments to make music inspiring in all genres, and keep its analog warmth.

R&B / SoulBalladsHiphopElectroLiveAll

Clients include

london music producer-London recording studio-online mixing and mastering-artist development

Music Producer

Need a song stepped up to the next level? This is what we do to open doors to the music industry.

Artist Development

Bespoke Songwriting

Whether you're signed or unsigned, we provide professional bespoke arranging and songwriting to suit


Mixing and Mastering

Want a track to sound like a professional record? Look no further, this is what we do.

What people say

Maur Levi

Moar Levi

“Thanks a lot for recording the vocals for the track. I love the mics and preamps you use, which sound fantastic!”

Writer/Producer - Armada NL, Ministry of Sound

Valerie M


“I’ve worked with a lot of producers and you’re the best one as you’re refreshing, inspiring, sensitive, quick & exactly what I need!” – Groove Armada, The FreeStylers

Brown Punk/ Island Records

Craig Walker


“The track is awesome and BMG want it. You really know what you’re doing. Great work!”

Singer Songwriter - BMG, Universal

Name dropping

Joules Productions and our hub of creatives have worked with some of the biggest names in the music scene.
These include Amy Winehouse, Paloma Faith, Lana Del Ray, Maor Levi, LCD Soundsystem, Phoebe Kildeer, Craig Walker, Power of Dreams, Archive, The Rolling Stones, Brand New Heavies, Groove Armada, The Freestylers, Grace Jones, Zero 7, OMD, Moloko, Peewee Ellis, Johnny Cash, Stevie Wonder, Jamiroquai and many others.

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