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Joules Productions is amongst the most inspiring music production recording studios in London. It consists of creative and inspiring studio instruments, mixing tools and a Top20 music producer.

It was established over 2 decades ago by Julian Chown in West London.

Julian has worked with renowned music acts including, platinum-selling singer-songwriter Craig Walker (Archive, Power of Dreams, Phoebe Kildeer...), Valerie M (Groove Armada, Freestylers), Everett Peters, Hightower Set and many others.

The studio owner

Julian is a producer that turns the obvious into something different. He perfects production into radio-ready tracks through his huge knowledge of musicianship & music production (which he treats as a similar nature). His carefully chosen studio and instruments include renowned 1950s Tube mics and 70s/80s instruments that bring ultimate clarity and creativity to every session.

Additionally, Julian specialises in artist directing in vocal production and co-writes in sub-genres and styles from pop, rock/alternative, electronic, acoustic, R&B and Soul with a definitive twist. He is a master of arrangements and was musically trained for several years in production and performance 2 decades ago.

Music Production Examples - Before & After

Below are ideas bought to the studio that Julian arranged and produced (before and after examples).

Before production:

After production:

80s Synth Pop
Before production :

80s Synth Pop
After production:

Before production:

After production:

Clients include

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london recording studio artist development 1
Craig Walker+Julian Chown copy 2

Studio instruments

Instruments have been carefully chosen to inspire and sound amazing. All sessions include a producer that also sound-engineers, vocal produces and performs on a wide range of instruments professionally.

Studio instruments include vintage and modern variety. These include a 1927 Steinway K piano, 1975 Super modded 1975 Fender Rhodes Mk1 piano, a 1973 Wurlitzer 200a, a modern Sequential Circuits Prophet 6, 1979 Jen SX1000 and a 1987 Ensoniq SQ80 (as heard on the Seal "Killer" single). In the corner, there are guitars - 1971 Gibson S1, a 1991 Japanese Telecaster and a humbucker installed AXL bass.

Other instruments available are digital VST's. See the equipment webpage for further details.

All studio instruments are immediately ready to use to to spark off ideas.

*If you don't play an instrument or have no chords for melodic ideas, no worries. The producer is also a songwriter & professional musician that can match your melodic ideas with chords that work for the track in essence to the lyrics.

Creative Hub

The studio comes with Julian that is an a-class session musician, also connected with other instrumentalists that have recorded with some of the greatest names. These include Jamiroquai, Paloma Faith, Phoebe Kildeer, Power of Dreams, Archive, Grace Jones, Amy Winehouse and others.

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Julian started Joules Productions studios in 2006 following many years of songwriting, gigging, recording and producing with like-minded fellow musicians. The studio was built especially to inspire at its highest level with versatile instruments, recording gear, Julian's musicianship and technical know-how.

Julian has been working in music since 1990 where he played in bands and developed production and mixing with reputable mentors in the business