Experienced London Music Producer Crafting Unique Sounds and Melodies
Experienced London Music Producer Crafting Unique Sounds and Melodies
London Music Producer

London Music Producer - Craft Your Dream Sound


Joules Productions is a recording studio with top 20 music producer, Julian Chown behind the scene. This is where he transforms ideas into radio-ready releases across Electronic Pop - Rock, Soul, R&B, and Acoustic styles with singer songwriters.

Julian has been in the music industry since the mid 90s, with a unique blend of musicianship, production, and mixing expertise that ensure genres stand out and thrive in todays dynamic music scene.

In the Beginning

Julian's journey began in renowned London music production studios including, Bunk Junk & Genius, and Raezer (known for working with David Bowie, Tina Turner, Stereophonics, and The Jam). Since then, he started Joules Productions where indi artists since signed to Sony, Universal, and Island; in styles from Pop, electronic, R&B and Rock crossovers. This experience has equipped him with the skills necessary to exceed the demanding standards of the music industry and beyond.

Working seamlessly with song-writing recording artists in his music studio turns ideas into fully completed productions that are ready for release.

Bring Your Music to Life

As a London Music Producer, Julian collaborates with up coming and renowned musical minds in his studio. Valerie M (Groove Armada, Freestylers); Grammy Record Producer Herb Middleton (Usher, Blige, Smith); Craig Walker (Archive, Phoebe Kildeer); and soul singer Everett Peters (Soundbwoy) are just a few Top 10 artists that Julian has worked with.

Seeing songwriters ideas flourish fuels his passion in creating an inspiring space for producing records that thrive in todays market.

Production Testimonials

Customer testimonial praising Julian Chown's music production services

"The track is awesome and BMG signed it. Great work Julian!"

Craig Walker: Singer (Universal/Sony BMG)

Positive client feedback about Joules Productions music studio

"Love your mics, preamps and guidance. The vocals are fantastic."

Maur Levi: Producer (Armada/Ministry)

Satisfied customer testimonial for music production in London

"We had 5 million Youtube plays in a week Joules! Just brilliant!"

Lorenzo Sevn Altieri

Julian Chown, is a London Music Producer that offers music production services.
Music Production Recording Studio, London

Music Producer Services



Craft the perfect arrangement for your song, ensuring that every instrument and element works together seamlessly.

Audio Engineer

Expert mixing techniques will give your tracks the polish and balance they need to stand out on any platform.

Vocal Recording

From selecting the right microphone to comping the perfect performance, we will create radio-ready vocals that capture the emotion of your song.

Session Musicians

Need additional instrumentation for your tracks? Julian works with a network of talented session musicians that are ready.

Online Studio Services

Take advantage of our professional music producer services through our online Listen-In feature, accessible worldwide.

Julian's Studio Production Examples

As an example, below are various ideas that were sent to the studio, followed by Julian's production and mixing.

Visit the vocal production page for more info.

(*P = produced | A = musicianship | Mx = mixed | CW = co-written | VP = vocal produced | M = mastered)

External links to recently produced clients

Visit our vocal producer web page for info on how we approach a professional vocal sound for the industry.

Elevate Your Music & Unleash its Full Potential

Don't just record your music, create a masterpiece. At our London Recording studio, you'll benefit from:

  • Unrivaled expertise: Julian's 25+ years of experience in top London studios ensures exceptional results.

  • State-of-the-art equipment: Capture your sound with vintage instruments and award-winning mics & recording technology.

  • Bespoke services: We tailor our approach to your unique needs and vision.

  • Personalised guidance: Collaborate with Julian to achieve your sonic goals.

Can't make it to the studio?

Not a problem! Even if you're not based in London, our record producer can still help you to achieve your sonic goals remotely. Send in your ideas and have remote music production and mixed online as you listen in live.

Visit the online recording studio page for further details.

London Music Producer shaing insights in audio production

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