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You've no doubt recently been working on your most creative songs and now require a like-minded producer & studio to take it up a notch.

Welcome to Joules Productions.

Joules Productions recording studio is amongst the most inspiring recording studios in London.

Consisting of an established in-house producer and sound-engineer, with an array of inspiring analog/digital instruments and mixing tools. Here we are dedicated to perfection for all recording artists.

The recording studio was launched over 2 decades ago by music-producer, musician and mix engineer, Julian Chown. Julian was trained musically and expands that to vocal production. Prior to setting up Joules Productions he trained at Raezor Studios, Bunk Junk & Genius and Air Edel; where Tom Jones, Bheki Mseleku, Pink Floyd, Manic Street Preachers and Stevie Wonder and many of the greatest every artists recorded.

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Key Focus

Julian works with both up-coming & platinum-selling artists by perfecting ideas through music-production, arranging, vocal-production and mixing to completion.


If you've written a song and want it produced, we will take care of it all for you with our musicianship, arranging, production and mixing; to accomodate your music to a professional level ready to release.

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london music producer-London recording studio-online mixing and mastering-artist development

Recording Studio Production Examples

Studio Vocal Production
Recording Studio Arranging
Studio Arranging
Studio Song-writing
World Music
World Music
Studio Musicianship
Studio Musicianship


Top instruments have been carefully chosen to inspire creativity.

These include vintage and modern instruments such as a Steinway K Piano, 1975 Fender Rhodes Mk1 Piano, 1973 Wurlitzer 200a. A recent addition to the studio is a Sequential Circuits Prophet 6, a modified 1979 Jen SX1000 with SH101 Filters & Sub, a 1987 Ensoniq SQ80 (as heard on "Seal - Killer" single) and many others.

There are various guitars available consisting of a 1971 Gibson S1, 1991 Japanese Telecaster and an AXL bass to get your teeth into (not literally hopefully).

Also available is a Theramin and various percussion and plugin instruments.

See the full equipment list page for further details.

*Note that all instruments are immediately ready to use and we don't believe it is right waiting when inspired.

Now is all we have as creatives!

Before & After Examples

Below are song ideas and produced/mixed versions as an idea of what can be done.

R&B - Before:

80s Synth Pop - Before:

Alternative - Before:

R&B - After:

80s Synth Pop - After:

Alternative - After:


JP recording studio reviews

Creative Hub

Julian has worked in and out of the studio with 100s professional musicians and is well connected with some of the worlds greatest session players. These have recorded with some of the greatest inspiring names in the business that include: Jamiroquai, Paloma Faith, Phoebe Kildeer, Archive, Grace Jones, Amy Winehouse and many others.

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