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Recording Studio Production with a vintage heart and modern mind

Welcome to Joules Productions London recording studio.

I'm Julian Chown - audio producer, musician and mix engineer that nurtures music ideas to ready for release quality.

Preferred music styles include combinations of pop, rock, alternative, electronic, acoustic and R&B tracks.

Julian's experience spans over 3 decades in the business that is solely run by the love of music.


Music Examples



"I love your mics and preamps, which made the vocals sound fantastic!"

Maur Levi  - Producer - Armada, Ministry


"The track is awesome and BMG want it. Good work Julian. Thanks!"

Craig Walker - Singer - Archive - Universal


The studio has a range of inspiring instruments that include the much-adored Fender Rhodes and Wurlitzer 200a pianos. Alongside are vintage analogue synths and guitars that are ready to use.

Tube & FET Microphones

Each mic has been personally chosen for its character, then assigned to suit the relevant vocalist.

Find out more on the vocal producer page.

Recording, mixing and production tools

The studio outboard contains reputable analogue gear. These include Neve, DBX, Lexican, BBE, RME, Teletronix and many others.

Furthermore, unlimited award-winning mixing software is available such as Fabfilter, Arturia, Softube, Slate, Acustica, Korg and many others.

Visit the recording studio page for further details.

Music Connections

Over the years, Julian has played with many great musicians, which have become session players with the studio. They are happy to come and play on recordings and from bands such as Paloma Faith, Grace Jones, Amy Winehouse, Groove Armada and others.

Mastering-grade Monitoring


The studio consists of Neuman's KH310 monitors, alongside RME's flagship, ADI2 Pro DA converter. In combination, these deliver precise sound and inspired audio production, mixing and studio mastering.

Online Recording Studio

For those that are not local or unable to make it to the studio, available are online studio services.

Music Producer | Julian Chown | recording studio | London

Julian Chown is a London based record producer & sound engineer that perfects music ideas into reality.

Inspiration and knowledge was bought into the studio thanks to Julian's training at Bunk Junk & Genius, Raezor and Air Studio in the '90s. That period nurtured Julian's background and addiction to analog instruments and recording gear. These are at the heart of the studio and are there to inspire the creative journey.