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Music Producer | Mix Engineer | Vocal ProducerSongwriter in London, England, UK

Julian Chown, Music-Producer + Engineer at Joules Productions Studios
Julian Chown, Music-Producer + Engineer at Joules Productions Studios

Pop, dance, rock, soul, jazz, hiphop and ballads | Music Producer in London, UK

London Music Producer

Vocal & Music Producer

If you have a song that needs taking to the next level or a song idea, I produce music & vocals to hit quality.

Mixing and Mastering

Bespoke Songwriting

Whether you're a signed or unsigned artist, I provide bespoke songwriting that will work specifically for you.

Mixing and Mastering

Mixing and Mastering

Need your music taken to the next level with professional mixing and mastering? Look no further, this is what I do.

London Music Producer & Mix Engineer

I am Julian Chown, a London music producer and owner of Joules Productions inspiring London recording studio. This is a one-stop professional recording studio that is located on the Kings Road in Chelsea, West London.

Who I work with

I work with major and upcoming recording artists from start to finish in music production, songwriting, artist-development, mixing and mastering.

What I do

Many recording artists bring me song ideas to record and produce, whilst others request bespoke tracks to work on together. All of which are ready for official release and licensing for labels etc.

How I do it

For artists to really stand out from the millions of others out there, I work on a songwriting style and key that will suit the vocal, then go from there in music production and mixing. As a real musician, I enjoy working in many genres, which makes style fusing possible. This can bring projects into individual genres, ideal for today's industry rather than sounding like everyone else.

Similar to a chef and painter finding the right ingredients and colour texture is vital. With these in mind with music I combine programmed, real instruments and the right microphones for the style intended. This captures every performance perfectly without losing any those vital magic performed moments. Carefully selected digital and analog plugins are used within the mix to further the sound with additional ear candy.

The aim is to bring as much inspiration to the session through the environment, musicianship, when getting the sound ideal and during our creative communication. Joules Productions environment makes it easy to put ideas down quickly whilst being relaxing, focused and professional to enable ideas to flow with ease.

Down the road

Once several tracks have been completed, business plans can then be drawn up into action, which includes arranging rehearsals for live performances, radio interviews and videos. These are important for the masses, proving true focus as a real artist; leading to followers.

My Background

At the heart of all this, I am a real musician (keyboard/piano player) and enjoy fixing things, making me a natural music producer, songwriter and mixer. I speak the vital music language making it easy to communicate with singers and musicians having studied music for a decade. I have also come from a musical family.

Technically, having come from analog recording on reel-to-reels alongside SSL and Neve consoles in the 1990s, I love combining the sound of warm analog with digital so that I can make what people want today.

The Recording Studios Success

Joules Productions recording studios success spans back over 20+ years because of the combination of nurturing artists and music created. Using my ears alongside theoretical training allows me to quickly get the music underway and think out the box when in production. I work with a passion in order to deliver uplifting music tracks for all listeners to love, remember and share.

Clients include


What people say

Maur Levi

“Thanks a lot for recording these vocals. I love your mics, they sounds fantastic!”

Writer/Producer - Armada NL, Ministry of Sound

Terry Guy

“I’m coming back for more as the sound you get for my vocals & music is brilliant!”

Writer/Producer - Guy Music

Valerie M

“… refreshing, inspiring, sensitive and quick at what you do. You get my sound and the edge …”

Brown Punk/ Island Records


“Wow, we’re in the Top10 US playlist Julian. Loving what we’re doing and so excited! Thank you!! xx”

Singer - Fargain Records

Georgia Barry


“… you make me feel confident when singing and your music is exactly what I need…”

Singer Songwriter

Craig Walker

“Wicked mate the track is awesome. You really know what you’re doing. Nice one :)”

Singer Songwriter - BMG, Universal

Examples of my Work

All tracks produced, mixed and written (or co-written) by Julian Chown | London Music Producer

PopBalladsHiphopElectro PopAcousticFilm Score

A handful of my London music producer artists

What makes Joules Productions London Recording Studio unique?

  • Musical ears mixing and produce music tracks that have lead to 10s of millions of Youtube views within days of release.
  • You will work with a top-20 chart hitting music producer and engineer
  • I am a perfectionist
  • The microphones and preamps used deliver perfect vocal recordings
  • Combining the sound of ear cosy analog gear with award-winning digital tools that deliver hit recordings.

*Only the best equipment will do to gain the ideal results required for today's music industry!


Name Dropping

The creative hub has worked with some of the greatest names in music.
These include Amy Winehouse, Paloma Faith, Lana Del Ray, Maor Levi, LCD Soundsystem, Phoebe Kildeer, Power of Dreams, Archive, The Rolling Stones, Brand New Heavies, Groove Armada, The Freestylers, Grace Jones, Zero 7, OMD, Moloko, Peewee Ellis, Johnny Cash, Stevie Wonder, Jamiroquai and many others.



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