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With a vintage heart and modern mind

Welcome to Joules Productions London recording studio, which is run by Top20 music producer & mix engineer, Julian Chown.

Why perfect your music at Joules Productions recording studio? Firstly, Julian is an arranger that produces music styles with attention to detail & perfection. Secondly, he combines mixing during the production process so that songs come to life from the start of creativity. Thirdly, styles include pop, rock, electronic, acoustic, modern/classic R&B, and combinations.

In other words - Julian brings music ideas to their full potential.

Clients include


Music examples

Below, are various song ideas that were sent in for production and mixing. Furthermore, these are followed by Julian's creative twist that should demonstrate various possibilities.

For more examples of produced tracks, visit the music examples page.

Vocal production

Julian offers vocal guidance wherever needed. Additionally this can enhance the performance to perfection.

Guidance includes vocal dynamics, arrangements and harmonies. Alongside, Julian provides editing and mixing to ensure that there are zero issues for the listeners.


Available are various tube microphones for vocal recordings that can be chosen between. Furthermore, one is selected for the vocalists sound to emphasize the performance to the highest quality. Find out more on the vocal producer page.


You will be working with a keyboard player/musician, which is at the heart of the production and mixing. Additionally, his previous live performances have included working with various band members from Groove Armada, Archive, OMD and Jamiroquai, plus many others.

Music Connections

Many great musicians that Julian met along the way are session players that are more than happy to play on recordings with us. These include musicians from bands such as Paloma Faith, Grace Jones, Amy Winehouse, and others.


The studio contains a beautiful range of inspiring instruments. These include a 1975 Fender Rhodes and Wurlitzer 200a piano. Alongside our various analog synthesizers and guitars that are ready to use. These are all available for recording sessions and create the ideal sound for recording and mixing.

Technical studio gear

Studio outboard tools include many reputable names. These include award-winning Neve, DBX, Lexican, BBE, RME, Teletronix hardware, and others.

Click here for further details on the studio equipment page.


The studio's mastering-grade monitoring system

Monitoring includes the incredible RME ADI2 PRO FSR mastering-grade system. This delivers a precise listening experience that is perfect for recording, production, mixing and mastering at its best.


"I love your mics and preamps, which made the vocals recorded sound fantastic!"

Maur Levi  - Writer/Producer - Armada, Ministry of Sound

"The track is awesome and BMG want it. Good work Julian as always. Thank you!"

Craig Walker - Writer/Singer (Archive, Power of Dreams) - Universal, BMG...

Online Recording Studio

For those that are not local or unable to make it to the studio, available are online recording services.
Find out more.

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    Music Producer | Julian Chown | recording studio | London

    Julian Chown is a London based record producer sound engineer, that perfects music ideas; ready for release.

    Inspiration and knowledge were bought into the studio, thanks to a wealth of analog training at Bunk Junk & Genius, Raezor and Air Recording Studios. Furthermore, this honourable background has been nurtured into Joules Productions' methods. Bringing a classic range of instruments & analog recording equipment as well.
    "Bringing inspiration to everyone is my lifes mission!" - JC