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Record production and mixing for over 20 years

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Julian Chown - Mixer, Producer, Songwriter (BMG/Universal)

Joules Productions is amongst the most inspiring recording studios in London that offers music production & mixing.

Prodiminantly focussing on bringing music ideas to life

The recording studio was set up by London music-producer and mix engineer, Julian Chown to ensure recording artists have an inspiring studio to recording & express their creativity at full potential.

Consisting of an array of award-winning and vintage instruments, microphones and digital and analogue tools that enable song ideas to be produced and mixed at exceptional quality.

Having been in the music business since the early 1990s, Julian focuses on musicianship, production, arranging and mixing for up-coming and platinum-selling artists.

Accomplishments include tracks written, mixed and produced for official top20s, AA Game titles, Film and TV, Major Publishing/Labels and millions of spins on Youtube and Spotify.

Music production services

Music producer

Music specialists in pop, rock, electronic, dance, ballads and soul music.

Vocal producer

Guidance in toplines, harmonies and dynamic performances.

Musicianship & arranging

Have the music performed by a professional that will bring it fully to life.

Rare vintage instruments

Fender Rhodes, Wurlitzer 200, Steinway, Ensoniq, Jen SX1000, GibsonS1, Telecaster

Digital & Analog Mixing and Mastering

25+ years mixing label releases with our ultimate recording gear.

Client Testimonials

Moar Levi

Maur Levi  - Writer/Producer - Armada, Ministry of Sound

"I love your mics and preamps, which made the vocals in my tracks sound fantastic!"


Craig Walker (singer songwriter Discograph at Universal

Craig Walker - Archive, Power of Dreams

"The track is awesome and BMG want it. You really know what you are doing and that's great. Good work J and thank you!"


Music Production

Whatever the music style that is intended, the studio equipment and knowhow guarentees to give utmost respect to your ideas.


Vocal Production

We offer vocal guidance for performances to establish strong delivery of melodies, dynamics and harmonies. Todays music often misses great musicianship to make music really brilliant and this is where our skill and dedication come into play.

All sessions include access to beautiful mixing and mastering tools that make all sessions flow with ease; alongside expert direction from a producer and engineer.


The studio is connected with some of the worlds great musicians and engineers that have worked with Jamiroquai, Power of Dreams, Archive, Paloma Faith, Grace Jones, Amy Winehouse and many others.

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