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Joules Productions is a cutting edge recording and mixing studio with a vintage heart and modern mind.

Joules Productions studio takes care of everything from sound production, song arrangements, adding and mixing external recordings and directing vocals.

These are the necessities of making great music today and in-house producer, Julian Chown is musically and technically trained to complete music to the top of its genre.

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Vocal production

Studio sessions if needed include guidance, lyric and melody enhancements, dynamics, control, vocal harmonies and producing the recordings to perfection.


As well as studio owner/producer, Julian Chown being a professional musician and producer, over the years he has built good friendships that work with some of the finest acts. These include Jamiroquai, Power of Dreams, Archive, Paloma Faith, Grace Jones, Amy Winehouse and many others.


Recording gear

All sessions include access to a beautiful range of FET and Tube microphones alongside state of the art mixing and mastering tools for easy flowing sessions. These work alongside expert direction from our in-house producer and classic instruments. See more on the studio equipment page.

RME ADI-2 Pro FS R converter precision monitoring

Mastering grade sound monitoring

The studio consists of mastering-grade analogue/digital converters through an "RME ADI-2 Pro R" system. This unit perfects the studio outputs so that when mixing intricate frequencies, the sound hits our ears, precisely. This saves precious time and the result in song perfection is outstanding.


"I love your mics and preamps, which made the vocals in my tracks sound fantastic!"

Maur Levi  - Writer/Producer - Armada, Ministry of Sound

"The track is awesome and BMG want it. You really know what you are doing and that's great. Good work J and thank you!"

Craig Walker - Archive, Power of Dreams

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    Studio owner, Julian Chown is a London-based Top20 record producer and mix engineer.