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online music mixing sessionin London
online music mixing sessionin London
online music mixing sessions

Online Music Mixing

Tracks Ready to Release

Welcome to Joules Productions online music mixing page. For mixes, we provide a sound engineer to complete audio recordings at their best, both in-house and online.

Hiring a remote music mixer from our recording studio has never been easier with our now available super-fast technology at lossless quality, direct to the client's speakers or headphones.

Cloud Recording Studio Services for online mixing

Seamless Online Audio Mixing with Abbey Road's "AudioMovers" Plugin

Benefit from our seamless online audio mixing sessions powered by Abbey Road's "AudioMovers" plugin, allowing real-time collaboration and 2ms latency communication.

The audio quality is identical to what is heard in the studio and streamed from our London studio master outputs.

Sound engineer adjusting audio levels on a mixing board

In a nutshell, Joules Productions' online-mixing studio has opened its doorway to the world. As a result, anyone can now listen in whilst their music is professionally mixed.

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Mixing Engineer & Producer - Julian Chown

Getting Started with Our Online Music Mixing Services

Get started by following these simple steps:

  1. Submit your audio files, including individual dry and wet tracks.
  2. Provide a download link to your files.
  3. Discuss your track and desired sound with our experienced team.
  4. Share three song references as a guide for the desired feel.

We will assess your music and provide you with an estimated time scale for completion.

Confidence in Your Music with Our Online Music Mixing

Our track record speaks for itself: numerous client tracks have appeared on official charts and media platforms, with millions of streams and views on platforms like YouTube. Our expertise in audio mixing and production has led to signings with major publishing and record labels like Sony, BMG, Chrysalis, and Universal Music.

Let us help you achieve the same level of success with your music.

Transform Your Sound with Top-of-the-Line Equipment and Expertise

Elevate your music with our state-of-the-art equipment and experienced team:

  • World-renowned analog hardware, including Neve 1073 and Teletronix LA2a.
  • Vintage tube microphones such as the C12 (50's), U67 (Arabella), and U47/U49.
  • Premium software tools from Fabfilter, Slate, Waves, SoundToys, Celemony, Syncroarts, Arturia, and Valhalla.

With over 30 years of experience, our team has the skill and expertise to bring your music to the next level.

Enhance Your Sound with Additional Audio Engineer Services

Complement your music with our additional audio engineer services:

  • Custom Instrumentation Arrangements - Drums, Bass, Keyboards, Guitar, and Strings
  • Professional Backing Vocals and Harmonies
  • Vocal Timing and Pitch Correction
  • Audio Thickening and Doubling for a Fuller Sound

Vocal Mixing and Harmonization for Online Music Mixing

Perfect your vocal tracks with our expert sound engineering skills. We excel in pitch correction using Melodyne's manual editing tool and can create unique vocal effects to make your sound stand out. Add depth and complexity to your tracks with our harmony expertise.

Online Mixing Resources

Need some help with your online mixing? Check out these helpful resources:

  • Sound on Sound - a popular music production magazine with articles and tutorials on mixing techniques.
  • Puremix - an online learning platform with video tutorials and courses on mixing and mastering.
  • Mastering The Mix - a company that offers plugins and tools for mixing and mastering, as well as online courses and resources.
  • Waves - a popular audio software company with plugins and tools for mixing and mastering.
  • iZotope - a company that specializes in audio software and tools for mixing, mastering, and audio restoration.
  • MixCoach - a website with resources and online courses on mixing and music production.

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Prepare your music for release with our online music mixing services.
If you would like more information use the below link to send over an email or get in touch by phone on +44-7949121811

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