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Charles Reeves

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Sound Engineer Chicky Reeves was the Chief Audio Engineer of Manhattan Center Recording Studios in NYC (aka, the home of Timberland). He has mixed legendary greats such as Ray Charles, Tito Puente, Johnny Cash, and Radiohead. Furthermore, VH1 Storytellers, Boyz II Men, Deee-Lite, 24-7Spys, and the likes.

Aditionally, Charles ran his own thriving recording studio out of the famous Hotel New Yorker. In 1997, he collaborated with British singer songwriter, Francesca Longrigg of True Noise, producing and recording her album for Reprise.

The extended project eventually (in 2003) brought him to London. Under the management of One Fifteen, he began working as a sound engineer with clients such as Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark (OMD), Grace Jones, Barry Adamson, Paul Humphreys (OMD), Claudia Brücken (Propaganda), Charlie Watts and Ronnie Wood of The Rolling Stones, Jools Holland, Ben Waters, Ivor Guest, Skye Edwards (Morcheeba), Patrissia, Sam Sallon, Dana Boule, Adam Green, Natalia DiSario, David Frazier, Gambling Hearts, The Cavaliers, Danny Valentine, Saint Jude, Anne Garner, Robert Logan, and Look, Stranger!

In 2004, Chicky fell in love with London and brought his New-York-old-school-style overseas. He continues to collaborate with artists as well as mixing front-of-house sound engineering for Grace Jones, Robert Logan, BEF (formerly Heaven 17), Prince, Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark (OMD), OneTwo (comprised of Paul Humphreys of OMD and Claudia Brucken of Propaganda), Icelandic band Trabant and many others.

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