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Online Recording Studio: Production, Mixing, Mastering

Are you looking for an online recording studio that offers radio ready music production and mixing services? If so, you are in the right place.

Top20 record producer and mixer, Julian Chown, runs Joules Productions. This is where he offers in-house and online mixing, and online music production services for recording artists, and audio professionals; worldwide and locally.

"What you did with my music was exactly what I had hoped for and more"

Imogen Tonder - vocalist

His recording studio provides a conveniently cost-effective online studio that artists can monitor during the production process via Abbey Road Studio's "Listen-to" plugin.

Whether you want a single, or a full-length album recorded online to perfection online, I have you covered with expertise and all the studio tools to help achieve your professional music releases.

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Why Choose This Online Recording Studio?

  • Julian has over 25 years experience in the music industry with sucessful releases to his name.
  • Julian works with recording artists that are both signed and unsigned.
  • I use state-of-the-art hardware and software that delivers Top10 radio-quality tracks.
  • I offer competitive rates and flexible packages to suit most budgets.
  • I communicate closely with clients to understand the music style, and provide feedback and guidance throughout the creative process.
  • I guarantee your satisfaction and delivery  of your project, on time and on spec.

What I Can Do For You

Virtual Music Production

I can help you create original music from scratch and/or enhance your existing tracks with additional instrumention, beats, samples, effects, and more.

Online Mixing

I balance, blend, and polish your tracks to achieve a professional and cohesive sound that matches your genre and mood.

Remote Mastering

I optimise tracks ready for radio stations and Spotify with loudness, clarity, and consistency across different platforms and all devices.

Online Monitoring as I work

I will provide you with access to the online ‘Listen-to’ portal. There, you can stream your tracks in real-time, communicate with us via chat or video call, and download your files in various formats.

Remote Mixing & Production

How it Works

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  1. Schedule your session: Contact us to schedule a consultation and discuss your project. We'll answer any questions you have and determine the best approach for your needs.
  2. Send your files: Upload your individual tracks (instrumentals, vocals, etc.) to our secure online platform. We accept various file formats like WAV, MP3, and AIFF.
  3. We work on your music: We'll utilize our expertise and state-of-the-art equipment to produce, mix, or master your tracks, ensuring clear communication and regular updates throughout the process.
  4. Real-time monitoring: You'll have access to our online "Listen-to" portal, allowing you to stream your tracks in real-time, provide feedback through chat or video call, and download your files once completed.
  5. Delivery: Upon completion, you'll receive high-quality WAV and stem files ready for further use in distribution or your next creative steps.


Audio engineer vocalist production and mixing

audio engineer vocalist production and mixing

"You are refreshing, inspiring, sensitive and fast at what you do Jules. You get my sound and edge I need".

Valerie M - Singer/Songwriter - Groove Armada, Freestylers

Craig Walker

"Wicked mate, the track is awesome and BMG want it!"

Craig Walker - Singer/Songwriter - Archive, The Avener feat. Phebe Kildeer


"A great producer is not someone who solely creates your ideal sound, it's someone who also helps bring out the best in the artist. Julian masters both.”

Olivia Flenley (Universal) - Singer/Songwriter

Get in Touch with Our Online Music Studio

Contact Julian today and schedule your online studio session to produce high-quality recordings that showcase your talent and professionalism.

If you would like more information, use the below link to send over an email or get in touch on +44(0)7949121811.

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