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Audio engineer services at Joules Productions recording studio. We mix pop, rock, acoustic and electronic music styles.
Audio engineer services at Joules Productions recording studio. We mix pop, rock, acoustic and electronic music styles.
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London Audio Engineer - Music Mixing


Joules Productions audio engineer, Julian, has been mixing music for over 25 years across genres including Pop - Electronic, Rock, and Ballads. Julian Chown's expertise has gained millions of airplays across YouTube, Spotify, and record sales across the globe since the mid 90's.


His collaboration with acclaimed Top20 recording artists and portfolio stands as a testament to his reputation as a respected audio engineer and producer in the music industry.


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"Wow, we’re #8 in the US radio charts..." Patrissia - Fargain

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"Refreshing, inspiring, sensitive and fast. You get my sound and edge..." Valerie M

Audio Mixer - Sonic Excellence

At Joules Productions, Julian skillfully balances each sound and meticulously fine-tunes the levels and frequencies. Sculpting space and enhancements of the overall listening quality is a process that takes years of understanding, to execute flawlessly for commercial releases.

Unlock Your Song's Potential

Ready to take your music production to the next level? This 13-minute video explores the art of mixing in detail, using a real-world song as our canvas. We'll break down various mixing techniques, including EQ, compression, and spatial effects, offering practical tips to enhance your own mixes. Get ready to elevate your sound and create professional-sounding tracks!

Vocal Mixing - Recorded & Tailored to every Nuance

Vocal Mixing & Production - Optimise for Global Release

Each microphone has its own character, and each singer has a different tone. For example, our 1950s tube C12 microphone has a sweet high-end with a deep, silky smooth bass - ideal for most vocals. Whilst, our Tube U47 mic has a slight bump up in the mid-range and a drop in the upper frequency. The choice of microphone depends on the type of voice and the ideal recording is to ideally record tones that truly work for the voice. Julian auditions up to three microphones at a time during the first recording, in order to find the ideal matching microphone for every singer, and song. This takes the strain off mixing issues simply because the recordings are perfect prior to recording.

Vocal Repair - Achieve Perfection with Precision

Our audio engineer has trained ears to detect potential out-of-tune notes in vocal recordings (hoorah!). Julian removes any distractions to ensure a seamless listening experience. With the right gear, ear training, and know-how, there's no reason to be shy about your music.

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Pro studio mixing equipment


In our London-based studio, Julian employs various hardware and software during recording and mixing. These include tube and condensor mics, vintage pre-amps and compressors. Each piece of equipment adds that neccessary unique tone that ensures optimal sound for every voice and instrument. Vintage outboard includes Neve, DBX, BBE, and Teletronix.

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The gorgeous Teletronix LA2A compressor


Julian has handpicked a range of the ideal digital plugins to mix clients music to perfection. These include analog modeling from industry leaders, that include, Acustica, Slate Digital, Arturia, and Waves. These deliver the absolute finest sound quality. Also available are innovative tools such as - Fabfilter, SoundToys, Valhalla, XFer, among others which spark up creativity.

Optimised Monitoring for Quality Assurance

Choosing ideal monitors was a personal preference as an audio engineer, and highly necessary to understand what's going on in a mix for cruicial tweaks. Amongst this, Room treatment has ensured accurate listening experiences during studio production, mixing and music mastering.

Preferred studio monitors here in the studio include the award-winning Neve KH310s, Yamaha NS10s, and Auratones.

Professional Audio Services, anywhere

With extensive experience in mixing audio for hundreds of recordings, Julian understands the requirements to achieve world-class perfection. With online recording studio services, audio engineering sessions can be delivered directly at lossless quality. Can't attend a mixing session in person? No problem. You can trust Julian to complete your music professionally, both alone, or attended.

Check out the online mixing studio page.

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