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Audio engineer services at Joules Productions recording studio. We mix pop, rock, acoustic and electronic music styles.
Audio engineer services at Joules Productions recording studio. We mix pop, rock, acoustic and electronic music styles.
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Audio Engineer - Professional Music Mixer

Julian, a seasoned audio engineer of 25 years, perfects music for global release across various genres. His expertise has resulted in various tracks gaining millions of airplays in short time across YouTube, Spotify, and other major streaming platforms.

His collaboration with acclaimed Top10 recording artists and portfolio stands as a testament to his reputation as a respected audio engineer in the music industry.

His preferred audio mixing styles are broad across pop, soul, hiphop, R&B, acoustic, and electronic.

Testimonials: Success Stories

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"Wow, we’re #8 in the US radio charts..." Patrissia - Fargain

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"Refreshing, inspiring, sensitive and fast. You get my sound and edge..." Valerie M

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Audio Mixer - Sonic Excellence

At Joules Productions, our audio engineer skillfully balances each sound within a music track and meticulously fine-tunes levels and frequencies. Sculpting space and enhancements of the overall listening quality is a process that takes years of understanding, to execute flawlessly in commercial releases.

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Premium Gear for our Studio Engineer

In our London-based studio, Julian employs various hardware during the mixing process, including tube microphones, connected to carefully chosen vintage pre-amps and compressors. Each piece of equipment adds its unique character, ensuring optimal sound for vocals and instrumental recordings. Our collection includes the sought-after Neve 1073, DBX delays, BBE maximizer, Teletronix LA2A, and more.

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The gorgeous Teletronix LA2A compressor

Blending Analog and Digital for Perfection

We handpicked a range of digital plugins for specific tasks. These include analog modeling from industry leaders like Slate Digital, Acustica, Arturia, and Waves, which deliver sound at its absolute best. We also use innovative tools such as Fabfilter, Sound Toys, Valhalla, XFer, among others to spark creativity.

Optimise Your Music for Global Release

At Joules Productions, many music ideas are perfected for release on digital platforms including Spotify, iTunes, YouTube, CDs, and more. We consider the unique character of each singer and microphone, and when recording, up to three microphones are tested to find the perfect match for vocalists.

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Microphones Tailored to Vocal Nuances

Each microphone has its own character, and each singer is different. For example, our 1950s tube C12 microphone has a sweet high-end with a deep, silky smooth bass. On the other hand, our Tube U47 has a slight bump in the mid-range and a drop in the upper frequency. The choice of microphone depends on the type of voice. We audition up to three microphones to find the perfect match for each singer and song.

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Personalising Mixes with Music References

Yes! We always request up to three music references from the client. This helps us understand their preferences and craft the mix accordingly. An experienced engineer can then take the sound beyond the obvious and create a unique and distinctive sound for the recording artist.

Vocal Repair: Achieving Perfection with Precision

Our audio engineer has trained ears to detect potential out-of-tune notes in vocals. At Joules Productions, we aim to remove any distractions, ensuring a seamless listening experience. With the right gear, ear training, and know-how, we fix vocals, whether it's addressing simple individual notes or a full-on autotuned sound common in many hip-hop tracks.

Optimised Monitoring for Quality Assurance

Choosing speakers is a personal preference for an audio engineer. It's important to understand the speaker's characteristics and compensate for any frequency biases. Room treatment is crucial at Joules Productions to ensure accurate listening experiences during music production, mixing and music mastering. Our preferred studio monitors include the award-winning Neve KH310s, Yamaha NS10s, KEF 104ABs, and Auratones.

Professional Audio Services, Anywhere

With extensive experience in mixing audio for hundreds of recordings, Julian and the team at Joules Productions understand the requirements to achieve world-class perfection. We offer online recording studio services, including audio mixing sessions delivered to you at lossless quality. Can't attend a mixing session in person? No problem. You can either trust Julian to complete your music professionally alone or attend an online mixing session together.

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