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Alya Elousissi
Highly recommended!
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Alya Elouissi 1 month 1 week ago

"Joules is one of the most talented producers & musicians I've worked with and I HIGHLY recommend him. We instantly connected and did some great tracks together that later on I was able to release officially and - very successfully. He immediately gets your idea and will always deliver a great result. Not only that he is extremely talented, creative and professional, he also has a great personality and is a precious friend that will do his best to help you with any music advice. I look forward to creating more amazing music with him!"

Paul Nicholson
Highly recommended!
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Paul Nicholson, 6 years ago

"Brilliant producer, brings a lot of passion and talent to any new project, having worked with many different musicians can easily say he is the best."

Kevin Jay
Keep hold of this producer, he is A1
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Kevin Jay, 3 years ago

"Jules is not only a great engineer but he really understands how to get the best from you this is the third time i have been to his studio and i have been to quite a few studios over the years but i would say he has produced the best results i have had, My agent said to me " KEEP HOLD OF THIS PRODUCER HE IS A1" i will be back soon to finish off another 8 tracks in the near future i cant wait to finish the Album."

Giles Heaton
Amazing results!
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Giles Heaton, 3 weeks ago

"1. Friendly atmosphere to work in
2. Extremely Knowledgeable about mixing and production
3. Has all the kit
4. Listens to what you want but offers ideas to enhance and improve
5. Patient.
6. Patient.

I'll be using Joules going forward because of all the above and the added bonus that he can can coach vocals.

Yes I put patient in twice on purpose. I'm not the easiest of clients to work with!"

David Vaughan
Thoroughly recommended
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David Vaughan, 1 week 2 days ago

"Joules Productions has allowed me to completely raise my game as an artist thanks to top notch production standards and real creative flair. Julian Chown is great at bringing out the best in a song, whether through arrangement or music and vocal production. Thoroughly recommended."

Avo XO
The first of many projects for sure
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Avo XO, 2 weeks 5 days ago

"Amazing experiencing mixing 2 tracks down with Julian, as well as technically expertise he has a great ear for music and understands the vision behind songs and really helps bring them to life. What i valued also is how collaborative he is...many engineers now just want to work remotely without you sitting in on the sessions ."

Georgia barry
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Georgia Barry, 9 years ago

"Working with Joules has been great. He often worked harder than what was required to ensure that the tracks sounded great. He is just fantastic to work with and has helped me create my own unique sound which is exactly what I was looking for in a producer. He is very inspiring and most of our songs we wrote together werevery effortless and always fun to create. We've become good friends and I am completely hooked on working with him as we continue to create amazing music.
He really understands my vocalist needs and makes my voice sound great! Looking forward..."


"Julian is fantastic to work with."

"I really wanted to write a testimonial because Julian is friendly, professional, patient and easy to get on with. He's an excellent piano player and arranger and I'm extremely satisfied and looking forward to working with him again.”

Alice Pisano (singer songwriter) testimonial & review

Clinton Tavares singer songwriter

"By far one of the best London music Producers out there!"

If you are looking for the best recording experience, this is the place to record your music. Joules is such a great guy and made me at ease whilst working. This helped me create my best work, which for someone like me with limited knowledge of theory and technicalities, Julian interpreted my ideas even with limited guidelines. Outstanding producer and guy by far and one of the best London studios out there!”

Clinton Tavares (singer songwriter) testimonial & review

Satisfied customer testimonial for music production in London

"You couldn’t ask for better. Just brilliant!"

"His knowledge in composition as a keyboardist allowed me to find the right combination of sound direction for the song, which gave me a push forward in my creativity. He knows his tools inside and out and is brilliant at sound design and electronic manipulation whenever needed. His studio is well equipped with amazing vintage gear, alongside the most recent trends in digital technology, which got the best out of my tracks."

Lorenzo Sevn Altieri (Producer/singer songwriter) testimonial & review


"Always interprets what I am thinking musically, then colours it in and brings it to life!"

“I have been to many studios with music producers and thought everything was ok until I discovered Julian in 2012. It has been a truly rewarding experience and better than ever. With me being a songwriter and non-musician, I have always needed someone who can interpret what I am thinking. Jules has done this and more. My first record, Miss Glossy Magazine has been released and getting air-play internationally, and am I happy – you bet ya. Julian is a Top Man and Top Rated.”

Dazz (singer songwriter) testimonial & review


"I loved how he made me feel relaxed and confident"

“I just want to say it was great working with you Julian. I loved how he made me feel relaxed and confident. I can’t explained how, though he's naturally a nice person to interact with. Being from Jamaica and the kind of music we do, i thought maybe it would be a bit difficult to get the rhythm, instead he took it, merged it, and made it as I wanted it. I recommend Jules 100%.”

Elena Miller “Bashment Ladies” (MTV) testimonial & review


"A great producer is not someone who solely creates the best sound. It's someone who also helps bring out the best in the artist. Julian masters both.”

Julian is a very talented producer and musician and I feel grateful to have ever crossed paths with him. I have always felt very at ease working with him and this is such a vital criterion to the success of a recording as a singer and songwriter. The friendly, empathetic and supportive space that Julian creates allows you to relax into the music and recording process with ease."

Olivia Flenley singer (songwriter) testimonial & review

Imogen Tonder singer songwriter

"What he did with my music was exactly what I had hoped for and more"

“Jules produced my first album and I absolutely recommend him without question to anyone looking for a producer, mixer and arranger. Not only did he put me at ease, but what he did with my music was exactly what I had hoped for and more. He is exceptional on piano & keyboards and producing to sound live when needed. I just could not have been any more pleased. On top of that, he is seriously fun to work with. This was the best times of my life, and now I am just waiting to get back into the studio with him for a second album! He's a great guy who I am still good friends with and a really incredible writer/ producer.”

Imogen Tonder (singer songwriter) testimonial & review


"Understands my vocal needs and always makes me sound better than I ever thought possible."

“Working with Joules has been so inspiringly great. He is just fantastic to work with and has created my own unique sound, which is hard to find in studio producers. He is inspiring and the songs that we have written together seemed effortless to create and always fun during the creative process. We’ve become good friends and am completely hooked on working with him as we continue making amazing tracks together. He really understands my needs as a vocalist and always makes my voice sound perfect! Looking forward to the future in my music career with Julian.”

Georgia Barry (singer songwriter) testimonial & review

Valerie M singer songwriter - Groove Armada - Freestylers

"Refreshing, inspiring, sensitive and fast. You get my sound and edge..."

“I’ve worked with loads of arrangers/producers and mixers over the years and none of them are like Jules in the studio. He is refreshingly inspiring, sensitive and fast at what he does. He gets my sound and the edge I want which makes it work!”

Valerie M (singer-songwriter - Groove Armada - Freestylers) – Island 2014 testimonial & review

Patrissia singer songwriter

"Wow, we’re #8 in the US radio charts..."

“... and guess what, I am off to Japan next week for a radio interview and live show… Thank you so much for everything!! Pxx”

Patrissia (singer songwriter) 2014 testimonial & review

Terry Guy singer songwriter

"I’m coming back for more."

“Hey Joules, just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the speed and professionalism that I have received with my music and album completion in your London recording studio. Having produced in other recording studios over the last couple of years, it has been a great pleasure working in you in such a friendly, relaxed space. Other production facilities don’t usually give opportunities in taking part in the production process, whereas you have given me plenty of freedom to add my own ideas and expand both ways. I’m coming back for more, so see you soon and many, many thanks. Terry Guy”

Terry Guy (singer songwriter) 2014 - testimonial & review

Diana Trimble

Diana Trimble (Singer Songwriter)

"... more than just a producer."

A lot of guys (and gals) can twiddle knobs and do technical feats. But, it takes someone with the soul of an artist to take all that technological know-how and turn it into something that really moves you. I have seen Julian take a vague outline of an idea and come up with the perfect piano part in literally seconds.

I have worked with him on a ridiculously tight schedule and gotten results that would be expected to take days. As a vocalist, I have had lots of sessions with producers who didn’t really get my voice; put me on the wrong mics, couldn’t get the sound in my cans the way I needed to hear it, mixed me way back or made any one of a thousand other common errors.

So I really appreciate it when I get in the studio with someone who seems to almost psychically get where I’m coming from and what I need and who doesn’t find my requests or suggestions to be nutso! Julian is that person.

If I could keep him as my own exclusive co-writer and producer, believe me, none of the rest o ya would ever get a chance to work with him!”

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