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Online Mixing Studio

Right now, remote recording studio mixing sessions has never been easier with the technology available.

We share a direct audio link to clients, live from the studio from start to the finished mix, whilst we communicate with clients.

The mixing studio has a wealth of digital and analogue tools alongside a combination of years of know-how in mixing, music and vocal production.

Online Mixing possibilities

We use the AudioMovers plugin and stream directly from the mixing desk directly to your headphones, wherever you are. This comes at 100% audio quality, which is identical to what is heard in the studio with as little as 1ms of latency. The lower the latency depends upon high-quality broadband on both sides.

We stream at 75mbps.


Aditionally, Joules Productions' online-mixing studio has opened up its doorway to anyone around the globe that wants tracks professionally mixed, arranged, performed and produced to perfection.

online mixing

Getting started with Online Mixing Sessions

All we need are:

  1. the individual music tracks for us to mix.
  2. Send us a link to download them from.
  3. Provide 3 music references to work to, so that a sound idea can be established.
  4. Your music will then be assessed and time-scale will be generated for completion.

Be Confident

We know that you want your music to sound the best it can for the market. With this in mind be confident in knowing that many clients tracks we have worked on appeared in the official Top20, MTV, Youtube multi million plays, Licensing to Computer Games and major labels and publishers; including Sony, BMG, Crysallis and Universal.

Our Online Mixing Studio Gear

We use award-winning analogue and digital recording equipment that ensure the highest quality.

Our analogue hardware includes a Neve 1073, Teletronix LA2a, Neumann Tube U67, U47, u49, 1950's AKG C12 capsule FET in an original Rode NT2, Akai, EMU, Golden Age and many more. In the digital domain, we use Fabfilter, SoundToys, RME, Waves, Celemony, Syncroarts, Arturia, Valhalla, Native Instruments, Korg, Slate Digital and a heck of a lot more plugins. This is only the start of the list.

Additional Online Mixing Services

  • Instrumentation - Strings/drums/bass/keyboards/guitar arrangements
  • Backing vocals & harmonies
  • Vocal timing & tuning edits
  • Thickening up and doubling up of your audio to thicken/tighten up the sound and tone

Vocal Online Mixing

Accomplishing vocal and instrumental perfection during pitch tweaking sessions, fortunately Joules Productions sound engineer has perfect pitch. We use Melodyne manual tuning, which can go beyond human sounding as well as completely human. Whatever is intended, we can do it and can even be experimental.

Additionally, we can add vocal harmonies to the right points of the music to today's industry standard.

We use Vocalign, Melodyne, Vocalsynth and tweak both with our ears and visually, as human as possible.

Online Mixing with a Top20 Music Producer

Work with an established studio engineer that is also a music producer on your track and bring it to life. Your track needs whatever it takes to sound great for today's music market. Engineer/Producer, Julian Chown has the mixing knowhow up his sleeve, musicianship at his fingertips and digital and analogue tools an arms length and mouse click away to deliver precisely professional music tracks quickly and efficiently.

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    Having worked with some of the worlds finest bands, singers and songwriters in perfection, be confident in knowing that your music is in good hands.