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Online Mixing Studio

Welcome to our online mixing page.

Remote mixing from our recording studio has never been easier with super-fast technology available today.

Furthermore, our studios audio can be monitored worldwide at lossless quality, direct to our client's headphones.

Online Mixing

So that our online mixing sessions work flawlessly, we use the Abbey Road AudioMovers plugin, so that our clients can listen in. As a result, we are able to communicate online with our clients and share ideas together.

The online audio quality is identical to what is heard in the studio and is streamed at 100mbps from our London studio mastering outputs.


In a nutshell, Joules Productions' online-mixing studio has opened its doorway to the world. As a result, anyone can now listen in whilst their music is professionally mixed.

online mixing
Mixing Engineer & Producer - Julian Chown

Getting started with Online Mixing Sessions

All we need is:

  1. Individual & dry audio tracks.
  2. A download link to the files.
  3. A conversation about 3x released music references as a guide to work to.

Your music will then be assessed, along with a time-scale that will be generated for completion.

Be Confident

So, you want your music to sound the best it can, ready for release? Many client's music tracks have gained appeared on official charts and media platforms. These include the UK Official charts, radio playlists in the US and Asia, millions of Youtube streams, TV/films and Computer Game soundtracks. Leading on, publishing and record labels have signed our completed tracks that include Sony, BMG, Crysallis, Universal Music and many others.

Our Online Sound Engineer Studio Gear

The studio contains various award-winning analogue and digital recording equipment to ensure the highest mixing quality.

Analogue hardware includes some of the world finest. For example, Neve 1073, Teletronix LA2a and tube C12 (50's), U67, U47/U49 microphones.

In the digital domain, only the best will do. Most importantly, we use all of the Fabfilter and SoundToys plugins, and a selection of Waves, Celemony, Syncroarts, Arturia, Valhalla, Slate Digital.

This is only the start.

Additional Online Mixing Services

  • Instrumentation - Strings/drums/bass/keyboards/guitar arrangements
  • Backing vocals & harmonies
  • Vocal timing & tuning edits
  • Thickening up and doubling up of your audio to thicken/tighten up the sound and tone

Online Vocal Mixing

Joules Productions sound engineer has perfect pitch. Most importantly this comes in handy for fixing vocal issues. Melodyne manual tuning is used for perfection. Alongside, this can go beyond human sounding as well, if ever wanted.

Additional vocal harmonies can also be implemented.

Whatever is intended for a mix, it can be done here.

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