Professional Mixing via the web

No matter where music was recorded, now everyone can take advantage of the world-wide-web by sending files to a reputable mixing studio's producer.

Joules Productions' online-mixing studio opens up this doorway to anyone wanting their music professionally mixed and produced to perfection.

All you need to do is upload the individual channels of your music and upload them, then send us a link.

We know you want your music to sound professional and ready for the market. From our studio, clients have gained over 10million online listeners.

Our equipment: We use award-winning analog and digital recording equipment that ensures the highest music mixing quality.

Our online mixing analog hardware includes Neve, Teletronix, Neumann, Akai, Golden Age, AKG and many more. In the digital domain, we use Fabfilter, Apogee, Waves, Arturia, Valhalla, Native Instruments, Korg and others.

online mixing

Vocal Production

To accomplish perfection in vocal recordings, as producers and engineers we are gifted with perfect pitch.

Additionally, we can add vocal harmonies to the right points of the music to today's industry standard.

We use Vocalign, Melodyne, Vocalsynth and tweak both with our ears and visually, as human as possible.

Online Music Production

Work with Top20 music producer, Julian Chown on your track and he will bring it to further life by adding whatever is needed to make it touch, move and inspire listeners.

Having worked with members of Jamiroquai, Archive, Power of Dreams, Groove Armada and Ray Charles, you know you are in good hands with Julian.

online mixing and mastering