Year: 2024

1. Studio Rates

The studio rates are charged as follows:

  • 8-hour recording session: £440
  • 6-hour recording session: £360
  • 4-hour recording session: £260
  • 2-hour recording session: £140

These rates include Julian Chown’s sound engineering services. By paying the full studio fee, the "recording masters" are owned by the payee.

1.1 Other Services

Other services as seen below are charged through royalties as an addition as follows:

1.2 Songwriting

If Julian Chown writes or co-writes any music and/or lyrics to be recorded, Julian Chown will be entitled to a share of the song at a percentage to be mutually agreed upon based on the level of input and creative work involved. The percentage will be determined upon completion of the session(s) concerned and/or prior to delivery of the recordings to the client. The client and Julian Chown will sign a song share agreement to reflect this.

1.3 Producer Royalties:

If Julian Chown provides music production services, Julian Chown will be entitled to a royalty on all commercial exploitation of the recording(s) at a percentage to be mutually agreed upon based on the creative work involved. (The standard royalty range for producers falls between 1% and 5% for major label deals (which guarentees sales), and 15% to 25% for independent artists (which is less of a guarentee of sales)). However, the specific percentage will be determined separately for each project upon completion of the production and prior to any commercial exploitation. The client and Julian Chown will sign a separate agreement to reflect the royalty rate for each project.

2. Performing

No upfront session fee is required for Julian Chown’s performances; however, Julian Chown is entitled to PPL performer's royalties.

2.1 Additional Costs

The client will pay for any additional musicians, samples, or media provided, which are retained by the client.

3. Recording License Ownership

Whoever pays for the recording session is the owner of the recording license at 96%. If a studio discount is applied, this will reflect on the recording license ownership.

3.1 Unpaid Sessions

If a recording session is not paid in full, the studio will own 100% of the recording license.

4. Cancellation Policy

If the payee cancels a studio session within 48 hours of the session taking place, the full payment for the session will be forfeited, and no credit will be available for a future studio session.

5. Credits

Labels and artists will ensure that any and all commercialisation of the Masters will credit "Julian Chown" appropriately, including but not limited to "Written/ Mixed/ Produced/ Vocals Produced by Julian Chown" etc.