Julian Chown – Producer Mixer

Producer, Mixer - Julian Chown


Julian Chown is a writer, producer and mixer who came out of a musical family

He studied music, focusing primarily on performance, production and mixing.

He then commenced production and mixing skills with some of the worlds finest technicians at Raezor, Bunk Junk & Genius, and Mark Angelos recording studios.

These were where LCD Sound System, Stevie Wonder, Manic Street Preachers, Bheki Mseleku, The Orb, and countless others were recorded.

Julian then put Joules Productions studio together where many of the artists from way back continue to this day working with Julian. He also produces many other new artists and successful talent. These include Everett Peters, Valerie M, Craig Walker, Chevoy, and The L.A.

Writing & Record Production

Julian concentrates mainly on developing music ideas into completed, memorable tracks - that keep listeners engaged and wowed on a musical journey.

TV & Media-Composer

Julian also expands his love of music and sound into TV ads. These include working on titles for iPhone, Seat, Camden Ale.
Computer Game soundtracks and sound design include Sony Playstation's "The Getaway", "This is Football 2002" and "Bionical Heros".

Sample libraries

Production and creation of libraries include titles Sample Magic's - "Disco and Funk Keys - volume 1" & "Disco and Funk Keys - Volume 2". These samples can be heard on countless commercial tracks that are heard regularly on the dance floor and in chart-topping tunes.


In the Studio

Julian is several minds in one as a London music producer. He combines his many talents as a music producer, songwriter, arranger and vocal-producer, sound engineering, and sound designer.

He regularly works with music artists that signed to Universal, BMG, Island, Blue Mountain, Crysalis, and W4 labels.