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Julian Chown


If you're a singer-songwriter seeking a record producer to elevate your musical journey, look no further than Julian Chown. Based in West London, Julian is not just a Record Producer and Songwriter; he's a sonic mixing architect with a passion for infusing energy into every note that's senstive to developing a personal sound for recording artists.

Julian's journey began in a family immersed in music, and his formal studies focused on the freedom and individuality essential in performance, production, and mixing. His skills were honed at prestigious recording studios like Raezor, Bunk Junk Genius, and Mark Angelos, where luminaries such as LCD Sound System, Stevie Wonder, The Orb, and Manic Street Preachers were recorded and produced.

Julian's expertise extends beyond the conventional. Through Joules Productions, he has seamlessly blended vintage and modern equipment to craft sonic landscapes for artists ranging from emerging talents to those known since the '70s. Notably, he has left his mark in Top20 hits, TV and computer game soundtracks.

In a nutshell, Julian will bring your vision to life. Whether it's shaping the perfect sound, writing epic music, creating memorable game and TV soundtracks, or developing sample libraries that resonate on the dance floor, Julian's versatility and passion makes him the ideal producer for serious recording artists.

Julian will enhanced your music and captivate your audience, and turn your musical dreams into reality.


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Take the next step towards professional-sounding music! Send an email today to learn more about how Julian can help you achieve your creative mission, or call +447949121811.

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