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Online Music Producer in London - Crafting Melodies, Beats, and Sounds
Online Music Producer in London - Crafting Melodies, Beats, and Sounds

Online Music Producer: Turn Your Ideas into Release-Ready Hits

Remote Studio Services

Calling all singer-songwriters and solo artists that are searching for an online music producer to transform ideas into polished, release-ready tracks.

I am Julian Chown, the studio owner of Joules Productions in London, and am a music producer and mixer with over 25 years in the industry. I shape music both online and face to face for up coming recording artists and signed ones from labels including Sony, Universal, Ministry, and Island.

I'm equally here to help you bring your sonic visions to life, whether you're crafting pop anthems, rocking out riffs, weaving soulful grooves, or exploring the world of hip-hop, electronica, or atmospheric styles.

With my online music production services, we can collaborate remotely, regardless of your location. My goal is simple: to help you refine your music ideas into professional, iTunes and Spotify-ready tracks that resonate with your audience.

"Refreshing, inspiring, and quick! You get my sound and edge...!"

Valerie M - Freestylers/ Groove Armada

Elevate Your Music with Music Production:

Unlock your musical potential and bring your vision to life!

  • Expert guidance: Collaborate with an experienced producer who shares their musicianship and insights.
  • Songwriting assistance: Refine your lyrics and melodies with expert songwriting support.
  • Professional recording: Capture your music in our high-quality online studio.
  • Vocal production: Shine with tailored melody enhancements, harmony guidance, and delivery coaching.
  • Expert mixing and mastering: Polish your tracks to industry standards for optimal release.
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Real-Time Collaboration: Shape Your Sound Together

Experience your music in real-time and actively guide the session:

  • Direct audio feed: Hear exactly what we're working on with industry-leading software.
  • Active participation: Provide feedback and shape your sound to match your vision.

Why Choose Joules Productions?

Benefit from our experience, expertise, and dedication to your success:

  • Years of experience: Benefit from our track record of success in the music industry.
  • Tailored approach: We customize our services to your specific needs and goals.
  • Cutting-edge technology: Leverage the latest tools for exceptional results.
  • Streamlined online process: Collaborate remotely with ease and efficiency.

Online Music Production

Studio Musicianship


Unleash Your Creativity with Comprehensive Audio Production Services:

  • Songwriting: Refine your lyrics and melodies with expert songwriting support, crafting songs that resonate with your listeners.
  • Arranging: Transform your musical ideas into polished arrangements that showcase your unique sound and captivate audiences.
  • Musicianship: Benefit from the expertise of our experienced musicians, who contribute their artistry and insights to elevate your recordings.
  • Vocal Production: Shine with tailored melody enhancements, harmony guidance, and delivery coaching to unleash your full vocal potential.
  • Mixing: Achieve professional-grade sonic balance and clarity with expert mixing that brings your music to life.
  • Mastering: Polish your tracks to industry standards for optimal release on Spotify, iTunes, and other platforms.

Online Music Producer - Pop Production Expertise:

Craft Your Dream Pop Hits with Skilled Musicianship:

  • Real-Time Collaboration: Experience your music in real-time through industry-leading software, actively guiding the session and shaping your sound collaboratively.
  • Professional Musicianship: Benefit from the expertise of dedicated pop music producers who contribute their skills and creativity to your project.

Seamless Integration of Studio-Quality Instruments:

  • Expansive Instrument Selection: Explore an array of instruments perfectly suited for pop production, including analog synths, acoustic & electric guitars, and vintage electric pianos.
  • Professional Recording & Performance: Leverage our high-quality online studio and the talents of our producers to seamlessly integrate these instruments into your tracks.
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Unleash Your Sonic Vision with Authentic Instruments and Cutting-Edge Gear


Dive into a sonic wonderland at our online studio, where your musical imagination has no limits. Forget the sterility of digital-only setups – here, you'll find a curated collection of legendary instruments waiting to infuse your music with soul, character, and warmth.

Iconic 1971 Wurlitzer 200a electric piano for vintage funk and rock recordings. Online music producer expertise at your fingertips.
Rare 1979 Jen SX1000 synthesizer adds vintage character to your online music production.
Explore versatile sounds with the classic 1986 Ensoniq SQ80 synthesizer in your online music production.

Vintage Instruments:

Step back in time and unlock the timeless tones of iconic instruments:

Guitar Heroes: Channel your inner rock legend with a Japanese Telecaster's twang or the classic rock growl of a 1971 Gibson S1.
Keys to Your Soul: Add smooth, soulful melodies with a 1976 Fender Rhodes MK1 Piano or evoke vintage vibes with a 1971 Wurlitzer 200a.
Grandiose Inspiration: Make a statement with the unparalleled elegance and richness of a 1927 Steinway K Vertegrand piano.

Modern Gear and More:

Embrace the possibilities of the present with our collection of cutting-edge gear:

Analog Synths: Craft unique and contemporary sounds with sought-after synths like the Sequential Circuits Prophet 6, Korg Triton, and vintage gems like the 1979 Jen SX1000 and 1986 Ensoniq SQ80.
Digital Plugins: Explore a universe of sonic possibilities with a vast library of plugins, including Arturia V8 Collection, Korg Legacy, M1, MS20, Polysix, Monopoly and Legacy, Serum, Massive, NI, and countless others.

Collaboration is Key:

Whether you have specific sonic ideas in mind or need guidance, our expertise is at your service. We'll collaborate with you to choose the perfect instruments and gear to realise your musical vision.

Ready to craft your music with authentic character and endless possibilities? Let's discuss your project and explore the sonic frontiers together!

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