Vocal Production


We have an array of specialist vocal production tools, vintage microphones, pre-ampsde and expert know-how

Vocal Production Recording Sessions
Vocal Production Recording Sessions


Vocal production is one of the most important parts of a song especially when pitching to publishers and labels.

Vocals can be compared to the message of the song so they have to be brilliantly recorded and expertly treated. We make this happen with our specialist vocal equipment and vocal producer know-how.

Over the decades we have been delivering incredible sounding vocals and we use microphones and pre-amps heard on hit records since the 1950's that cover various vocal and musical styles.

These were chosen carefully alongside digital tools and equipment also heard in today's hit music.

With our selection of tube microphones, pre-amps and digital plugins we deliver a warmth, dynamic and clarity to the recording.

Our dedication to bringing inspiration to artists during their magical moment of performance is given form by our fantastic equipment choices.



One of the key tasks of a vocal producer is shaping the correct sound for the artist's voice. Joules has years of experience in engineering sound which perfectly amplifies the unique nuances and qualities of the singer's voice. This skill makes him one of the most sought after vocal producers for singers of all genres and styles.

Mixing and Mastering

Guided Top Lines & Harmonies

We know what works for catchy top-line melodies and harmonies to enhance them. With our vast background in music theory and business perspectives, we are here to insure we accomplish hit records

Performance Guidance

Dynamic Performances

For a listener to keep an interest in a song, vocal dynamics are highly necessary. This brings emotion to the lyrical content and music. We nurture artists to feel songs when performing


The best Microphones & PreAmps

We use the world's greatest microphones heard on hit records since the 1950s. Available are a C12, U47, U67 & others

Top Line development

Alignment & Pitch Correction

Pitch correction is vital in bringing songs up to a professional level. These are used to perfect vocal leads, harmonies and adlibs



Various microphones and tube pre-amps are recorded together so that we can choose the one that sounds best for the voice. We then record a combination of vocal takes in order to choose the ones that work. We then apply dynamics, 'Abbie Road' reverb, delay, EQ and exciters to bring vocals forwards within the mix carefully.

vocal studio vocal production



Vocal harmonies are vital in the production of music. Without them, a song will sound relatively flat, especially by today's standards.

Julian is a trained pianist which makes playing vocal harmonies second nature. He is also a talented improviser, which allows him to bring musical flow to vocal ideas.

Here are some examples.

kevin east vocal session


We take care in vocal tuning, pitching and alignment so as not to not make edit obvious.

However we do get the occasional request for an all out 'auto tune' sound.

There are many approaches to vocal tuning and there are many well known examples of the extremities of this.

melodyne vocal pitch editing
Melodyne pitch editing

For vocal tuning we use melodyne which is a non-destructive tool

tune vocals
Autotune pitch editor

Cher and Akon used this auto tune effect in their songs, while Daft Punk often use the classic 'vocoder' effect


VocalSynth can bring a robotic effect, heard often on pop music


Syncroarts 'VocAlign' lines up layered vocals quickly

Vocal Production recording studio