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The best vintage microphones, pre-amps & expert know-how



The key task in vocal production is shaping the sound of a voice so that it fits a song, this includes vocal mixing. Julian has been involved in vocal production for decades, which no doubt includes musicianship in vocal mixing and music producing; bringing unique qualities of a vocal into music mixes. His skill in mixing vocals and vocal production has gained artists chart success', making him a sought after vocal producer, music producer and top of his game in mixing vocals.

London vocal production

Vocal production is one of the most important parts of song production and it applied to help the vocal stand out with dynamics and warmth. Music has to sound awesome on the radio and for labels to hear and this is our job to listen and think positively about the over sound of a song.

Music Equipment

Vocals hold the message of a song, so have to be brilliantly recorded and expertly mixed. JPs Vocal production makes this happen with specialist vocal tools and London vocal producer know-how.

Over the decades Joules Productions has been delivering incredible sounding vocals that has lead to tracks in the charts, Film and TV commercials, MTV aired films and millions of online plays on social media. The reason for this is that the studio has microphones and pre-amps heard on hit records since the 1950's which are the best - only these will do.

These were chosen carefully alongside other analog and digital gear which is also heard on hit records today.

With the worlds greatest tube microphones, pre-amps and digital plugins, Joules Productions recording studios can guarentee perfection in vocal quality.


Major record companies have always said that it's best to not waste their time so t is important to get the sound right for them to hear. When a demo is sent to labels, A&Rs cannot guess how a song will sound later, so a rough demo is not ideal to send in.

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Mixing vocals

When mixing vocals it is important to do vocal recordings properly as this is where it all begins.

We use several microphones and tube pre-amps at first to then enable us to decide which best suits the vocal.

Once decided, multiple vocal recording of either the full song or section by sectioncan then be taken to then choose to find which vocal works best for the track. With this we can go as far as chosing line by line.

For mixing, dynamics, reverbs, delays, EQs and exciters can then be applied carefully to bring the vocals forward onto the music mix.

Vocal Producer recording studio

Guided top lines & harmonies

We know what works for catchy top-line melodies and harmonies to enhance them. With our vast background in music theory and business perspectives, we are here to insure we accomplish hit records

Performance Guidance

Dynamic performances

For a listener to keep an interest in a song, vocal dynamics are highly necessary. This brings emotion to the lyrical content and music. We nurture artists to feel songs when performing


The best microphones & preamps

We use the world's greatest microphones heard on hit records since the 1950s. Available are a C12, U47, U67 & others

Top Line development

Alignment & pitch correction

Pitch correction is vital in bringing songs up to a professional level. These are used to perfect vocal leads, harmonies and adlibs

Vocal harmonies

vocal studio vocal production

Vocal harmonies are vital for making a song sound professionally completed. As for how many harmonies are needed varies on the style of music, though we all know that too many can overcook the production of a song. The right quantity is the icing on the cake, especially with "Ooohs" and "Aahhs". Without them, a song can generally sound boring, especially in today's standards.

Julian's piano training makes vocal harmonies second nature. As an improviser, allows him to bring musical flow with genius ideas to vocals.

Here are some examples.

Vocal tuning

Following an amazing vocal performance, there may be little bits that need tweaks. We can take care of the vocal performances' pitch throughout or in parts with AND without making it sound like Cher. Available are also tools that can align vocal harmonies to the lead vocals perfectly.

We can also provide extreme vocal autotuning for rap tracks if wanted which can often contain that all out 'auto tune' sound.

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Acapella Examples:

Vocal tuning examples

melodyne vocal pitch editing
Melodyne pitch editing

For vocal tuning we use melodyne which is a non-destructive tool

tune vocals
Autotune pitch editor

Cher and Akon used this auto tune effect in their songs, while Daft Punk often use the classic 'vocoder' effect


VocalSynth can bring a robotic effect, heard often on pop music


Syncroarts 'VocAlign' lines up layered vocals quickly


My dedication is to bring inspiration to artists during the magic of creativity, through inspiring music equipment and a friendly creative service.