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online mixing recording studio
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online mixing recording studio

If you can't make it to the studio, we provide an online mixing service to complete music to radio quality. Our recording studio has been providing mixes for over 15 years in the industry. We are Top20 mix engineers.

If you have songs that have been recorded and produced that need a professional mix for the radio and charts, this is what we do. Our online mixing services include a mix engineer that is a commercial top20 producer. Mixes today need a good clean up to be chosen for radio, and we perfect this.

Our online mixing studio engineers have the know-how in making music memorable with methods that bring detail, warmth, and clarity to vocals and the completed mix.

Additionally, our recording studio is operated by a sound engineer that is a producer, musician, arranger and songwriting that can further songs into perfection. let us know if this is something we can help you with.


Having specialised in commercial music for over 2 decades with several Top20 hits worldwide, alongside 10's of millions of online plays in less than a week, we hope to accomplish the same for you.

Whilst mixing, we like to work from music references provided by the artist. These are often released tracks so that our sound matches them for ideal results. We feel that this is the best way to work and saves precious time and money. On using references, we imagine a DJ playing your music following the reference track of a similar nature. If it sits properly, we are on track.

We also provide music production during mixing alongside online mastering sessions to complete our work at the highest level; so that the music is ready for radio and online play.

In-house and online mixing examples

R&B & SoulBalladsHiphopElectronic & DanceBandsAll included

Our in-house & online mixing studio team

Julian Chown - in-house & online Mixing + Music Production
Charles "Chicky" Reeves - online Mixing & online Sound Engineer

1-8 tracks - Mixing
In-house or online Mixing
9-24 tracks Mixing
In-house or online Mixing
25-48 tracks - Mixing
In-house or online Mixing
Up to 64 tracks
In-house or online Mixing

Get in touch

If you would like to know more about our online mixing, online mastering and online music production, feel free to make a booking or drop us an e-mail. Alternatively contact us by phone at the in-house & online mixing and mastering recording studio on +44-7949-121-811


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