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Joules Productions down to earth producer, Julian Chown is one of the UK's top vocal producers that brings quality to every vocal session. Vocal production includes topline development, arrangments, setting up the dynamics to a track for mixing & editing ready for professional use.

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What is Vocal Production?

Vocal production is one of the most important parts of a hit song. They need to sound close to perfect for radio and media these days. Vocals are carefully nurtured to ensure they are natural and musically/theoretically spot on for the style.

Vocal Production Mixing Tools

We use award-winning mixing tools for music and vocal perfection, which include Melodyne, Antares Auto-TuneSynchro Arts Vocalign, Slate Digital, Soundtoys and the mighty Fabfilter. True analogue outboard gear includes Teletronix, DBX and Neve are available for warmth and dynamics.


1950s tube AKG C12 and Neumann U87

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The new Fabfilter Q3 plugin recently arrived, which fixes certain EQ issues quickly. It's a clever one as it easily allows isolation of annoying frequencies which can then be dipped away either dynamically or through compression and we love it.

Vocal Production Tweaking & Recording

Our selection of beautiful microphones and classic preamps and mics we use have been heard on countless hit records since the 1950s and are ideal for serious vocal recordings.

Alongside outstanding analogue equipment, we use digital plugins to tweak performances to tailor for the music style.

With our selection of the worlds greatest tube microphones, pre-amps, other outboard and digital plugins, we can boast an outstanding delivery of perfection in vocal mixing quality.

Record Labels

From experience, major labels tell artists to not waste their time sending in rough demos. Therefore it is important to get the sound right prior.

We complete music to perfection so that it is ready for both label release.

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Vocal Production Mixing

It all starts from a decently recorded vocal track with choices of several microphones that we have alongside tube pre-amps. Between these we then choose what works best for a voice.

We then record the multiple vocal takes until the best performances have been delivered. Vocal takes are then chosen to suit  and with this we can go as far as choosing these line by line.

For further beautiful clarity dynamics, reverbs, delays, EQs and exciters are applied carefully to bring vocals forward into the mix.

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Topline Melody Guidance

Knowing what makes a great top-line melody and accompanying harmony is a must. We have invested years to know what works in great records.

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Performance Perfection

For a listener to want to listen, the vocals need to contain emotional dynamics, memorible melodies and movement. Our specialist skills here will bring the music to perfection.

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Microphones & preamps

We use the world's greatest microphones that can be heard on countless hit records. Available are tube C12 (1950s), Beeznees U47, U67 & others

Top Line development | vocal producer

Alignment & pitch shifting

Pitch correction can make a track modern because there is a sound in there. We firstly make sure that a performance is emotionally connected, then humanly perfect tuning when necessary.

Vocal Production Harmonies

Vocal harmonies are often a vital part to bring a song to life. "Ooohs" and "Aahs" can often be "icing on the cake" and with Julian's vocal producer piano arranging skills will make vocal harmonies a breeze to create.

Here are some examples.

Without harmonies



With harmonies



Vocal Production Tuning & Vocalign Acapella examples

1 - Raw vocals

2 - Tuned

3 - Mixed & Aligned

4 - Automated

Vocal Productions Tuning Examples

1 untuned

2 untuned

3 untuned

1 tuned

2 tuned

3 tuned

Vocal Production Lining up Tools

For vocal tuning there are several options which are from subtle to severe.

melodyne vocal producer pitch editing
Melodyne pitch editing

Melodyne is a manual tuning tool, which can both be subtle and severe

auto-tune tune vocal producer
Autotune pitch editor

This automatically adds autotune to a track and can be extreme to ligh sounding

iZotope-Vocal Synth | vocal production

VocalSynth is used for robotic & a vocoda effect as heard often in today's electronic pop music

VocALignPro | vocal production

Syncroarts Vocalign is used to line up several vocals at once and sounds great

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