Mixing and Mastering

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Best Methods

Having specialising in mixing music for over 2 decades has led to understanding what works and what really doesn't.

To get into a clients mindset, preparation is everything and with that a music reference goes a long way to provide a sound in mind. These references are either an artists previous release or major artists music tracks for sonic guaranteed results. This is the best way to work and saves time and frustration.

Online Mixing and Mastering

We offer online recording services that include screen and audio sharing direct from a session. Additional services include music-production, musicianship and vocal production sessions, ready for label-release.

Mix and Master audio examples

R&B & SoulBalladsHiphopElectronic & DanceBandsAll included

In-house Engineers

Julian Chown

Producer, Audio-Mixer and Mastering-Engineer

Charles "Chicky" Reeves

- Mixing & Sound Engineer

Mixing and Mastering

We provide mixing and mastering in our recording studio along with online recording services. We have been working with artists for over 2 decades where various work has accomplished commercial Top20 success and a-list playing on radio stations worldwide. Additionally licensing tracks for adverts, games and movies.

Mixing styles include anything from and between electronic, rock, pop, hip-hop, soul, jazz and R&B.

How we do it?

We fix and tweak the sound of recorded instruments and vocals, then repair issues such as tuning and timing in both. Following this if required will perform instruments to add to the production wherever necessary.

Mixing engineers at Joules Productions are experts at applying sonic-clarity on instruments, effects and apply further focus wherever necessary.

Additionally, our recording studio sound engineers are producers, musicians and arrangers, which will further songs to perfection.

If you have songs that have been produced elsewhere that need further attention to detail, you are in the right place.

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Tune vocals quickly to get great vocal production

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