Recording Studio Christmas gift

Recording studio Christmas gift for family and friends

“We are all Pop Stars!”

recording studio christmas gift

Back by Popular Demand for Christmas!

Joules Productions is a successful London based music studio that is offering a unique Chrismas Gift for friends, family, or an individual.

This is a London studio that records and perfects vocals to professional, radio-ready quality - making this the ideal recording Studio Christmas gift.

record a song christmas gift

Christmas Recording Studio gift

Packages can include:

    • Read a Story
    • Sing a song of your choice
    • Create a bespoke track that is ready for the market

This can be for people of any age, which means creating a great memory that will last a lifetime.

Where is the Christmas Recording Studio Session Located?

We are located on Kings Road in Chelsea, West London.

Get prepared

Here are the steps to make this work:

  1. Email to confirm a booking date
  2. Pay for the booking
  3. Find a Backing track of your choice
  4. Come to the studio for a recording.
  5. Leave with a happy smile on your face.
  6. Within 24 hours, the completed, professional production of your recording will arrive in your email or Whatsapp.

How it works:

  • Message us direct to book a unique Christmas gift.
  • On messaging, let us know what song you want to perform so that we can prepare it for the studio session. Here is a link to choose the song from -
  • Arrive at the studio 10 minutes prior to the booking.
  • Sing your heart out and have fun!!!
  • Leave the audio tweaking to us, and we will email you the finished track within 24 hours.
  • Your voice will be mixed and tweaked professionally to the music.

Within 24 hours of completing the session, we will send the completed recording and mix by email.

Additional CDs can be sent out for £10 per copy.

Technical - studio gear

We record with leading industry microphones, including the world-famous and improved 1950s Neumann U47, U67, AKG C12. These are favourites in most top studios around the globe and are additionally loved by artists including Sinatra & Pharrell Williams.


Mixing gear includes 1960s vintage hardware to modern-day software. Pitching and time tweaking tools are available if needed through our industry-standard Melodyne. This ensures a true sounding human voice when editing (forget autotune, as it's simply horrible sounding for this) to reach today's radio quality standard.


"That was the most cool gift I have ever given to my family. They were so happy! Thank you" - Wenyu Dong, London

"Amazing how you made me into a pro. Such a brilliant and very unique gift!" - Mark Gardener

"The best and most unusual Christmas gift ever!" - Mark Evans, London


1 song package
1 lead vocal recording
+ Vocal Mixing
+ Editing
+ Mastering
Up to 1.5 hours
Completed recordings sent to your email within 24hrs
2 song package
1 vocal track recording per track
+ Vocal Mixing
+ Editing
+ Mastering
Up to 2 hours
Completed recordings sent to your email within 24hrs
4 song package
1 vocal track recording per track
+ Vocal Mixing
+ Editing
+ Mastering
Up to 5 hours
Completed recordings sent to your email within 24hrs
Bespoke Song Package
£400 - £1300
Full Vocal Production
+ Backing Vocal Directing
+ Music Produced
*Cost dependant on stlye and experience



Over the years producer, Julian Chown has enabled many Christmas' to become unique with the studio being used for unique Christmas gifts. Everyone loves music, so to own a recording that is ready for release is a wonderful gift!


If you would like further info, drop us an e-mail or call. We will then get right back to you. Call the London recording studio at +44(0)7949121811.