What is a sound engineer/mixer?
Mixing and engineering is when several parts of a song is mixed together creating a professional sound. This process includes adding certain effects to each sound to bring it to life. For example, if a sound is too harsh, compression/limiting and eq’s can fix it, smoothing it off. Other effects include eq’s where we can add or subtract frequencies. Reverbs and delays are also great to add with the right instruments.
What does a Producer do?
A Producer is like a painter that applies colour and dimension to a sketch. The magic is in deciding a direction for a song then which sounds to use
What are the costs?
Please visit our rates page for our daily rate which includes the studio and engineer.

We offer additional creativity such as music-production, performance, arranging & song-writing, which we do not include in the studio payment – this is where an additional agreement comes into place. If we work on these areas we have an incentive to push our music with our friends at major publishing and label companies, which can then further our music-artists careers. This is our area of dedication

Does the producer play instruments & can other musicians be provided?
Yes, we are musically trained both technically & with feeling in various instruments. We are also well connected with incredible musicians whom have also played with world famous bands. Using external musicians is an additional cost.
Can you arrange the instrumentation?
Yes of course. Anything is possible, from simple string to orchestral scores to electronic dirty grimy dance leads to laid back atmospherics to grooving moving bass-lines and funked up rhodes and clavs.
How do I get what I want?
Prior to the session, we will have a conversation about the style for the artist, which will provide us the recording, mixing and production techniques needed. We will also request 3 music references of released songs as a general direction and style. We often combine styles and experiment for our artists personal sound if it feels right. (btw, these references really help our artists focus on what they truly want, which saves on budget.)

Can you supply singers?
Yes we can. We usually work this out either before or during the session. We know unlimited session vocalists who can provide us with varied styles. Costs vary, depending on the name.
How long will it take?
Most songs take us between 2 – 4 days to produce, arrange, perform and mix for our clients. As each song is always different, some take longer than other and answering this question is like the question “how long is a piece of string?”. The information you give us, the easier it is to answer. Go to our contact page and let us know exactly what you want doing.