Recording Music with Children

Record Your Child's Song in Chelsea with Joules Productions

Here at Joules Productions, we believe music is a powerful tool for creativity, confidence, and self-expression. That's why we're passionate about creating a welcoming and fun environment for children of all ages to explore their musical potential.

Joules Productions Chelsea: Making Your Child's Musical Dreams a Reality!

We provide a fun and supportive recording studio environment specifically designed for young musicians. Our passionate team is dedicated to helping children of all ages explore their creativity and feel comfortable expressing themselves through music.

Here at Joules Productions Chelsea, we understand the importance of fostering a child's confidence. Recording a song in our professional studio is a rewarding experience that creates a lasting memory your family will cherish for years to come.

See Our Young Stars Shine!

Here at Joules Productions Chelsea, we're proud to empower young musicians on their musical journeys. We've collaborated with a diverse group of talented young artists who have achieved incredible things, spreading joy and creativity through music.

Here are a few inspiring stories:

Teenager Alfreda performing electronic or quirky pop music on stage, with a microphone and synthesizer.

Alfreda (Age 15)

We've been collaborating with Alfreda since she was just 15, developed her unique electronic pop sound with our guidance. Her talent has garnered recognition in various news outlets, and we're excited to see what the future holds for her!

Hear Alfreda's Tracks: Song Link

Young female singer-songwriter Lyra Cole in a recording studio, smiling and holding a microphone.

Lyra Cole (Age 6)

Lyra's story is especially inspiring and we were honored to produce a track for her. This is a heartwarming song. She then went on and knocked Stormzy off the top of the Amazon charts with her Christmas song, "When a Child is Born" in which Cliff Richard had something to say.

Listen to Lyra's Song: Song Link

Young girl Sacha Mel at a piano, smiling and singing into a microphone.

Sacha Mel (Age 14)

Sacha embodies the joy of music! From a young age, she's immersed herself in singing, piano, and even ballet. Recently, she discovered her songwriting talents and created a beautiful song called "Care to Stay." We can't wait to see what other musical creations she brings to life!

Hear Sacha Mel's Songs: Song Link

Covers and Originals

These are just a few examples! We've had the pleasure of working with many other talented young musicians, guiding them through the recording process, helping them find their voice, and ultimately, sharing their music with the world.

Storytelling in the Studio

Let imagination soar by reading a story in the studio. Children can bring their own books, and we can create accompanying music to make the stories even more enchanting and memorable.

  • Facilitation: Children bring their own books
  • Age group: Suitable for children over 4 years and above
  • Children's involvement: Accompanying music can be created spontaneously
voice over-michael

For inspiration, listen to this audio book, "I Love My Daddy", read by Michael who was 4 when he told the story. This is a heartwarming children's tale.

"I Love My Daddy", Narrated by Michael (4years old)

Unleashing Inner Storytellers: Get ready to empower your child's voice beyond singing and music creation! At Joules Productions, Julian creates a welcoming and supportive environment where young narrators can confidently record their favorite stories. Then, I take their narration and craft an original musical score that complements the story and elevates the listening experience.

Here is an example of music recorded and written for "The Snail and the Whale", which brings the story to life.

Ready to Make Your Musical Magic?

We believe every child has a unique musical voice waiting to be heard! At Joules Productions, we create a fun and supportive atmosphere where everyone from of all ages feel comfortable exploring their creativity. Whether you dream of singing a solo, rocking out with a band, or writing your own song, we're here to help you make it happen!

London Music Producer shaing insights in audio production

Contact Julian today to learn more about how he can turn your musical dreams into reality! We can't wait to hear what you create!

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