Music with Children


Piano Sessions in Nurseries

Join us for engaging piano sessions in nurseries where children can listen to music while they draw. Our fun and energetic personality brings a happy inspiration for music classes.

  • Duration: 30 minutes per class
  • Themes/Musical styles: Nursery rhymes in modern styles, including classic and jazzy renditions
  • Target age group: 1-5 years

In-school piano session

Animal Piano Game

Join the excitement with our animal piano game. Children take turns playing the piano, imitating specific animal sounds and personalities, while others try to guess the animal. Get ready for amazing fun!

  • Facilitation: Children take turns playing the piano
  • Animal sounds: Children can choose animal sounds by whispering their choice to the teacher
  • Suitable age group: 3-5 years

Children playing the animal piano game

Incidental Music for Storytelling

Experience the magic of storytelling with live incidental music. As teachers read stories, our improvisation creates captivating music that enhances the narrative and brings the story to life.

  • Story selection: Teachers can bring their own stories
  • Music customization: The music is tailored through spontaneous improvisation
  • Collaboration: The music creation is spontaneous and does not involve planned collaboration with the teacher

Storytelling with incidental music

Recording Studio Sessions

Come to our recording studio and create everlasting memories with "little big voices". Children can sing a song of their choice, accompanied by top-quality recordings and personalized backing tracks.

  • Duration: Up to 2 hours per session
  • Backing tracks: Children can bring their own or choose from our selection
  • Song delivery: Recorded songs provided as digital files

Recording studio session

Storytelling in the Studio

Let imagination soar with storytelling in the studio. Children can bring their own books, and we create accompanying music to make the stories even more enchanting and memorable.

  • Facilitation: Children bring their own books
  • Age group: Suitable for older children from 5 years and above
  • Children's involvement: Accompanying music is created spontaneously

Storytelling in the studio


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