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All amazing music tracks need superb songwriting, arranging, vocal harmonies, music production, mixing and mastering. Music arranging is within the heart of these!


Joules Productions brings direction to the forefront of making incredible music. Being open to vocal and instrumental improvisation allows the artist to truly be one's self.

music performance


As well as being technicians, are also musicians that have been doing this for several decades in improvisation and structures. We know the market and are open to new approaches!

There are 6 vital elements in music production that is necessary in making a great song memorable to want to hear over and over again. These are areas that are taken very seriously here, and we ensure that there is nothing to distract the music.

We take care of artist development through careful consideration of music production.

They involve:

  • Lyrical content
  • Memorable melodies
  • Dynamic chord progressions that move with lyrics and that are in the right key for the vocalist and melody for smooth transitions
  • Reflective vocal performance
  • Instrumentation and sound design to reflect the genre and mood of the song
  • A mix that reflects the style, mood and artist dynamics

During the decades of working with singer-songwriters both in and out of the studio has provided a strong knowledge of what works to make a song credible.


The study of music analysis, harmony and improvisation work an important roll in what happens behind the scene at Joules Productions London recording studio.

You will work with a professional music producer that pushes boundaries through vast knowledge to make lyrics and melodies really shine for success.


The recording studio includes dozens of real instruments. These include guitars such as a Tele and 1972 S1. A 1976 Fender Rhodes MK1 Piano, 1971 Wurlitzer 200a, 1927 Steinway P Vertegrand, a Sequential Circuits Prophet 6, 1979 Jen SX1000 SYNTH and a 1980s Ensoniq SQ80.

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