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Record Producer

Joules Productions is a London recording studio with a top20 record producer. Additionally, specialising in mixing and mastering music, ready for release.

Production methods include musicianship, arranging, songwriting, vocal-directing, mastering.

Production, Artist Direction

You will be working with in-house Top20 London record producer, Julian Chown.

Julian produces music for clients and specialises in music arranging and vocal production to perfection.

Production Styles

Genres include Commercial Pop, Rock, Soul, Electronic, Funk, R&B and Experimental.

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Studio Musicianship

A step further

Combining various styles often work well and bring an individual genre for recording artists. Above all, this results in a leading-edge in a new sound.

Studio Production includes:

  • Songwriting to lyrics
  • Music Arranging/ Composition
  • Sound Design
  • Beat Making
  • Vocal harmonies

Result: A mix that confidently reflects the artist's style, mood and song

Studio Song-writing

Production that importantly pushes boundaries!

Record Production Equipment

The studio includes countless musical instruments, both vintage and modern.

In addition to a selection of physical instruments and mixing tools, there are hundreds of software versions. Furthermore, bringing variation and beyond. Most importantly, delivering effortless editing so that we can concentrate on music performance.

Note that all selected mixing plugins have been chosen to gain warmth in all tracks.

Mixing plugins

Widely used are sonically authentic analogue-modelled plugins. In other words, these are designed as identical copies of real hardware and close to perfect. Software developers include award-winning Acoustica, Fabfilter, Slate Digital and many others. Meanwhile, external Analogue gear include Teletronix, Neve, Lexicon, Urei and others. Visit the Recording Studio equipment page for more details.

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