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Online Mastering

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Online remote mastering studio sessions

Joules Productions offers remote mastering sessions for clients locally and worldwide.

Mastering sessions include mastering-grade monitoring. We use Neumann 310 monitors alongside an RME ADI2 Pro FSR Analog-Digital converter for audio perfection.

Additionally, clients can listen online during the session via Zoom to share ideas during the process.

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What is music mastering?

Mastering is a treatment that finalises audio mixes. In other words, we enhance the recording so that they sound perfect on all speaker systems and headphones.

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We apply balance via EQs, Limiters analog and digital whilst widening the stereo field. Furthermore, our mastered audio can then be sent todigital outlets for sales and marketing.

Studio Monitoring for a precise Mastering experience

At the heart of our crystal clear monitoring system, is the much-loved RME ADI-2 Pro FSR converter. In other words, the ADI2 delivers a precise listening experience that accomplishes ideal monitoring for produced mixes.

Meanwhile, our sound system comprises of Neuman a pair of Neuman KH310 speakers. Furthermore, other available speakers for monitoring include Yamaha NS10M's and Auratones. Furthermore, for a a home speaker perspective, a pair of award-winning B&W 685's are used plus the much loved 1978 vintage Kef 104AB's. Having several referencing pairs give a true knowing that what is done is perfect on all speaker systems.

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Online Mastering Tools

Studio mastering hardware includes a vintage Teletronix, Neve, BBE and DBX for analog touches. Whilst digital plugins involve the much loved Fabfilter, Acustica, Waves, Soundtoys, Acustica, Slate and many others.

Alongside, we also use award-winning analog-modelled software. Above all, these result in an easy route to all rounded professional audio quality.

1 song
£40 per track
Digital & Analog
Warmth - Stereo wideness
Volume Loudness
EQ Frequency Tweaks
In-house and online Masterings
3 songs
Digital & Analog
Warmth - Stereo wideness
Volume Dynamics
EQ Frequency Tweaks
In-house and online Masterings
5 songs
Digital & Analog
Warmth - Stereo wideness
Volume Loudness
EQ Frequency Tweaks
In-house and online Masterings

To conclude, Joules Productions' dedication to professional professional sound, is catered for all music styles.

Additionally, much of our work has ventured onto film, tv, radio stations, computer games, and the charts.

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