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Music producer in London

Joules Productions brings you countless ways to bring ideas to life.

A session with our in-house producer includes musicianship, arranging, vocal directing, songwriting, and mixing + mastering to perfection.

Artist direction, development & connection

You will be working with London music producer, Julian Chown; who first listens to an artist's song idea, then runs forwards into creating an instrumental backing track to suit the writing and artist style. This includes musicianship and vocal production to perfection.

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Studio Musicianship


As well as experimenting and exploring sound creation, your producer is a real musician that specialises in arranging and improvisation to quickly find ideas together. With experience of working together with musicians, we are open to all creative methods.

Music Production Method

On hearing a vocalist and song at its bear bones, ideas immediately come and music is created quickly. Sounds for developing the music style are then added, along with rhythm tracks etc.

A step further

Combining genres often works well to bring an individual sound to a recording artist, which can then form a leading style, which is ideal to sell records. This is what majorrecord labels look for.


Note that vocals are the main driver of the music, meaning that the music is carefully and sensitively arranged to suit. Music arrangements involve dynamics and harmonics to colour around vocalists ideas with an impressionism approach.

These include:

  • Writing of memorable melodies
  • Dynamic chord progressions that move with the lyrics
  • Lyrically reflective vocal performance guidance
  • Vocal harmony arrangements written for vocalists
  • Instrumentation performed and arranged
  • A mix that confidently reflects the artists style, mood and song

Studio Musicianship

An extensive background in music analysis, harmony and improvisation is an important roll in what happens behind the scene at Joules Productions London recording studio.

You will work with a professional music producer that pushes boundaries through vast knowledge to make lyrics and melodies really shine for success.

Studio Song-writing

Instruments for production

The recording studio includes countless acoustic, electro-acoustic, and electronic instruments. These include vintage guitars including a 1971 Gibson S1, Japanese 1994 Telecaster, 1975 Fender Rhodes MK1 with custom build Retro-Flyer upgrade, Wurlitzer 200a, 1927 Steinway K piano, Sequential Circuits Prophet 6, 1979 Jen SX1000 synth, and a 1987 Ensoniq SQ80 that was used for Adamski's "Killer" tracks featuring the artist, Seal.

There are also unlimited plugins for all music genres, including the Arturia V8 Collection, Korg Legacy collection, dozens of NI Kontakt instruments, Massive, Sylenth, and other multi-electronic audio mangling synths.

Mixing plugins

Many have been chosen carefully to do justice for all music styles. There are many dynamic tools that can be used purely for their wonderful tones, rather than crushing and destruction effects. Analog has always been the way forwards in making songs warm in sound and anything used that is digital here has 5* reviews for sounding analog. Each plugin is used to bring the best out in music.

Widely used are plugins designed by Acoustica, Fabfilter, Slate Digital, Sound Toys, Xfer Records, Waves, Arturia, and more.

External Analogue gear includes Teletronix LA2A, Neve 1073 Pre's, Lexicon, DBX, Urei, and mastering-grade DA converters when monitoring.

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