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audio engineer in London
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Music Mastering

Audio for the Masses

Joules Productions' in-house and online mastering studio includes an engineer that's been working in the industry for 30 years. Julian Chown uses mastering grade converters and Neumann KH310, and Yamaha NS10 monitoring during mastering music for clients.

What is music mastering?

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Music mastering is the final treatment of audio production & music mixes, which makes the sound truly stand out, ready for release into the market.

In other words, we enhance sound professional on all systems and headphones at the best quality. We work on the stereo width, frequencies, and dynamics so that no matter what you're playing the songs on, they are well-balanced.

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Analog and digital gear are used to widen and warm up the tone; whilst applying limiting to make a full sound.

What we use for precise Mixing and Mastering

At the heart of our crystal, clear monitoring system is the well-respected RME ADI-2 Pro FSR A-D/ D-A converter boasts up to 768kHz operation. This helps us maintain and deliver precise mixing and mastering due to its incredible converters.

online mastering - analog digital converter

Meanwhile, our additional sound monitors comprise a pair of Yamaha NS10M's, B&W 685s and Auratones. Furthermore, for a 'home speaker' perspective, there are also some adored vintage Kef 104ABs which are from 1979.

Having several pairs of monitors helps us understand how our music mastering will guarantee to translate onto other music systems.

Online Mastering Tools

Studio mastering hardware includes vintage Teletronix LA2A, Neve 1073, BBE Sonic and DBX for analog touches. Alongside, we also use award-winning analog-modelled software including our much-loved Fabfilter, Acustica, Waves, Soundtoys, Acustica, and Slate Digital.

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online mastering - analog tape

Once the Online Mastering is completed

Our mastered WAV audio will then be uploaded, along with a link so that it is ready to be uploaded to digital shops, ready for sales and marketing. Shops can include iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, and YouTube via a chosen distributor.

Online Mastering

Furthermore, clients can listen in via an online mastering link. This is highly beneficial so that we can share ideas during our online mastering sessions.

To conclude, Joules Productions' dedication to professional sound, is catered to all music styles.

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