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Mixing and Mastering

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Welcome to Joules Productions sound engineering - mixing and mastering recording studio page.

Julian is a producer, mastering and sound engineer and completes albums, singles and media for clients with award-winning tools. His music styles include pop, electronic, rock, jazz, world and many others.


For perfected sound quality, the studio has a pair of 3-way Neumann KH310 monitors and Yamaha NS10's. These are precise when listening during production.

Additionally, the room is treated for an optimal listening experience during sound mixing and mastering sessions.


For anyone that has recorded their songs elsewhere, these deserve perfection. With this in mind, you are in the right place.

Mixing and mastering examples

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Are your songs ready for Spotify and Apple Music stores?


The studio includes hardware tools such as Neve, DBX and Teletronix. Alongside digital editing equioment includes Fabfilter, Acustica, Waves, Soundtoys, Valhalla and many others.

For further info, visit the recording studio equipment page.


Understanding and feeling music is where the methods begin. Additionally, the studio technician is musically trained and knows how frequencies work in order to fulfil space and intensity.

Mastering references

When an artist requests a certain "sound", a music reference is Julian's preferred starting point to craft the sound intended. Furthermore, this can then allow an understanding of what is wanted musically, which results in the key to production and mixing techniques.

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Having specialised in mixing tracks for hundreds of recording artists worldwide has led to understanding the requirements to gaining a perfection in music production and mixing.

Additional Services

Joules Productions also offers online recording studio services that incorporates engineering sessions with online.audio/screen sharing at lossless quality.

Furthermore, services include music production, musicianship and vocal production for all recordings.

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