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Mixing and Mastering

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Welcome to our London Mixing and Mastering recording studio page.

Joules Productions not only produces music and arranges, we have been mixing and mastering albums and singles for over 20 years. Furthermore, artists, live bands & media clients come to us to make songs sound the way they should, ready for commercial success.

Musical styles include pop, electronic, rock, jazz and many others. Furthermore, you can be confident to leave rough mixes and ideas with us to complete with attention to detail.


Recording sessions include a professionally trained mixing engineer and producer that also masters music that sounds great for online and physical sales.

As a result, many tracks have appeared on radio A-listings, the commercial top20, soundtracks, MTV and computer games.

For anyone that has recorded songs elsewhere that needs perfecting, you are in the right place.

Are your songs ready for Spotify and Apple Music stores?

In-house Engineers

Julian Chown

Producer, Mixer & Mastering Engineer

Charles "Chicky" Reeves

Sound & Mastering Engineer

Mixing and mastering examples

R&B & SoulBalladsHiphopElectronic & DanceBandsAll included


How music is understood is where this all begins. Furthermore, your technician is musically trained and knows how music and frequencies work in order to fulfil space and intensity. Additionally, available is an unlimited selection of technical tools to work music into perfection. These include external vintage analog gear and modern award-winning digital plugins.

When an artist requests a certain sound, a music reference often comes in handy as a starting point. Furthermore, this allows understanding of what is wanted musically, which is the key production and mixing methods.

Having specialised in mixing tracks for hundreds of recording artists, has led to an understanding of what is needed to perfect the sound that is needed.

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Online Mixing and Mastering

Joules Productions additionally offers online recording studio services that incorporate audio and screen sharing at super lossless quality.

Furthermore, services also include music production, musicianship and vocal production for recordings.

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