The Joules Productions recording studio name was inspired by the scientific term, the "joule", which is known as the unit of energy in science - ideal for music.

In the late 80's we were young and performing on our instruments with passion. Julian insisted on recording jam sessions with a 4-track recorder, then the '90s arrived and he got a sampler, Atari 1040 computer, synth, Fender Rhodes piano, whilst the Mighty Greg Belson bought along a 24-track mixing desk to plug everything in. Then, by the mid 90's we were releasing tracks through labels (Rumour, Kingsize, Ninja Tunes to name a few) published with Bug Music (now Chrysalis), writing for TV stations and computer games (Sony Computer Entertainment). The compositions and production styles required were endless. Collaborating with other creatives was the way ahead as we all brought gifts to the creativity.

Julian continued playing live gigs, writing, programming and producing music. Combining digital and analog into live and recordings - allowing greater longevity within the business - which continues to this day. The 90's led Julian to work with members of Groove Armada and Jamiroquai and supporting Public Enemy.

To this present day, many musicians and technicians he has met over the years make up the hub of many creations at Joules Productions Recording Studios when needed. Together we have spent over 800 years song-writing, performing and producing music.

Our ethos is being true to the music and one another.

Creativity of this studio and name meaning is maintained to this day.