Audiobook Recording Services – Production, Narration, Music Composition, Mixing and Mastering

Audiobook recording services

Voice-over audiobook recording services

We have some of the greatest microphones so that our voice over work is heard with love. Recording gear includes 1950s tube microphones and preamps for natural warmth for voice syncing.


  • Beesneez Arabella (Neumann U47/49)
  • Beesneez Mahalia (Neumann U67)
  • AKG C12(1950s tube mic)
  • Rode NT2 (FET, inc U47/U49 capsule)

Bespoke music composition

Your technician is a professionally trained music arranger and musician that can quickly create incidental music. Music fuels all listeners' journeys with emotion, which sits in conjunction with a storyline.

The Snail & the Whale example

Here is a recent example of our work where everything was recorded and produced by Julian at Joules Productions. This includes narration, music and foley.

The possibilities are endless.

Post Production

Editing - We listen back to the audio and then re record anything that does not work  within the feeling and flow of the book. Once this has been carried out we choose which are the best takes to suit.

Sound library - At hand available are Hollywood Edge, Sound Ideas and various BBC sound libraries to use for audiobook production.

Sound Design - Foley has always been ideal when it comes to footsteps and human movements for TV and film. Anything is possible for audiobooks and indeed we will make it as realistic to create a true image with sound.

Music Composition - Music plays a vital roll in audiobook production and having a composer create for the storyline wins the hearts of the listener. Background includes compositions for Playstation games, TV adverts, BBC/Channel 5 and independant recording artists.

Mixing - Dubbing mixing is everything to complete the work of the book and we take care of all the levels and apply the right ambiences for the places that the books portray as well as leveling off music and sound effects so that the narration is heard.

Mastering - The final touch of the audio is mastering, which ensures that the mix works perfectly in all speaker systems. This includes overall levels, EQ and dynamics.