Julian Chown

Julian Chown: London Music-Producer, Writer & Mix-Engineer

Julian Chown: London Music-Producer, Writer & Mix-Engineer

London Music-Producer and Mix Engineer

In the studio, London music-producer Julian Chown is several minds in one. He is a songwriter, arranger, director, vocal-producer, music producer, programmer & mix-engineer. Alongside these, he is a sensitive keyboard-player and electronic whiz and arranger.

His preferred genres include pop, electronic, acoustic, rock, soul, R&B, jazz, orchestral and whatever else is needed to simply make music collate.

He began as tape-op at Raezor Studios, Bunk Junk & Genius and Mark Angelo Studios in the early days where he tape opped sessions such as The Orb, LCD Soundsystem, Stevie Wonder, Manic Street Preachers, Bheki Mseleku and countless others.

Julian's chart success includes various Luigi Masi top20s, MTVs Elena Miller, Patrissia "Blue Eyes" US Top5, German top20's Chika's "Get it", and Lorenzo Sevn "Stars", which reached over 13million plays within a week.

He's often requested to produce, arrange, complete songs and perform tracks for songwriters worldwide. These when submitted to radio stations get put onto the A-List.
He also produces sample libraries for companies such as Sample Magic, on the "Disco and Funk Keys vol 1" and "Disco and Funk key vol 2". These albums can be heard on many commercial tracks.

He works with Universal, BMG, Island, Blue Mountain, Crysalis and W4 music labels and publishers as a songwriter and arranger. He explands out to placing soundtracks on adverts including iPhone, Seat and tv shows such as "Paul Merton Goes to: shows. Sony Playstation + X-Box names include "The Getaway", "This is Football" and "Bionical Heros".

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