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Vocal Production

Vocal guidance of topline melody, lyrics, dynamics & harmonies


Professional performances on instruments to gel the vocals and chords

vocal producer | vocal production |mixing and mastering recording studio in london

Music Production

Style design and sound creation, arranging, instrumentation and vocals

Musicians recording studio


Vocals and instrumental levels and effects nurtured together for seemless performances

Bringing Ideas to Life


The studio integrity lives up to the motto:

"Stay true to the recording artist"

We take care to listen to what an artist wants by asking simple questions including -

What are your routes? How do you hear your music and can you provide music references of anything specific? Do you need us to perform instrumentation for you on you music?

Having worked with hundreds of singers and musicians over the years, the most important part is understanding creatives and listening to each other. Nurturing in communication is key to achieving great music that exceeds artists expectations.

Nurturing Creativity

We nurture performances and add our music production to it. During this process, we apply careful mixing techniques to accentuate feeling and dynamics to further the meaning behind songs.

Mixing and production tools are carefully and sensitively selected to bring the best out of the performances.

Our skills are dedicated to moving ideas songwriters ideas forward.

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