Music Producer


Expert mastered sound


Artist Development

Nurturing singers into successful artists

Vocal Production

I produce vocals into radio broadcast quality hits


Production & Mixing

Specialist music producer and expert mixing


We play real instruments and perform on originally written tracks


Creative Direction

We produce and arrange in styles that matches the artists style


Business Development

Artists in need of business direction, we can help!

Our Music Production


Our music production takes care of everything from the recording process to the performance method, songwriting, tweaking and creativity of sound around the song.

We always stay true to the artists ideas and work with you to achieve the sound you want.

We work with both live and digital recordings by bringing out the inherent rawness of the performance.

During this vital process, we apply sensitivity to each track in the mix.

We select the right equipment to bring out the latent creativity in your work.

Our music production includes top-line melody development and harmony integration to bring out the bets in live performance.

We are all experienced musicians who creatively and technically help you gain the best sound in our music production.

See our friends on the session musicians page who are available to work with you.

Our studio has on-hand all the necessary equipment to mix and produce world class music.

Our skills are dedicated to moving artists' careers forward by producing an amazing sound and fantastic songs.