Music Producer


Inspiration fuels amazing possibilities


Artist Development

We nurture artists creative ideas into organised and completed tracks, produced in a style that suits the artist

Vocal Production

We direct vocal techniques, dynamics and arrange harmonies to make songs encapturing

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Production & Mixing

Specialist music production and mixing to enhance music ideas into completed amazing songs, ready for radio play and online marketing

Session Musicianship

We are professional musicians and connected with other renowned ones that specialise in all styles


Business Development

We give advice to our artists that want their music career to move forward

OurĀ Music Production


The studio integrity lives up to the motto:

"Stay true to the recording artists"

We get a lot of recording artists that previously attended sessions in other studios that were led in the wrong direction creatively. We take care in listening to what our artists want by asking questions about what they want.

Having worked with hundreds of singers and musicians over the years, the most important part is understanding creatives. By nurturing communication, which is key to achieving a professional product that exceeds the artist's expectation.

We nurture brilliant performances to add to our music production. During this process, we apply careful mixing techniques to accentuate feeling and meaning behind the music.

Ideal mixing and production tools are sensitively selected to bring the best out of the creativity in performances.

Our skills are dedicated to moving artists' careers forward.